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zero (borderlands)

  1. Azevedo128

    B0re VS your favorite character

    So B0re is a skill from a character in Borderlands 2 called Zer0. The way it works is fairly simple, when Zer0 shoots a bullet it'll go through the target and double its previous damage. This effect can happen an infinite amount of times. By how many people does Zer0's bullet need to go...
  2. Comiphorous

    Jetstream Sam VS Zer0: Metal Gear vs Borderlands

    Jetstream Sam VS Zer0 Both are High 7-C Samuel does not have access to his other equipment other than his sword Battle takes place in an open field, 20 meters apart Zer0 has prior knowledge on Sam's blade, but nothing else Speed is equalized Brazilian: 5 (DaReaperMan, XSOULOFCINDERX...
  3. NotoriouSoda

    Borderlands P&A

    So this is pretty simple, every single character has a Skill tree in which there are multiple statical amps and other abilities that characters have. So it seems pretty reasonable just to add them to there profiles lol Any thoughts?
  4. NotoriouSoda

    Zer0 (Borderlands) vs Raiden (Metal Gear)

    Lets be honest this match is cool AF Both High 7-C. Speed equalized. Win via SBA I am everywhere / And yet, I am nowhere, too / I am infinite. : 1 I am lightning, the rain transformed... :
  5. Mr. Bambu

    Numbers vs Animals

    The aesthetics, you must admit, are pretty ******* great. Stumbled upon Borderlands recently since the new games are coming out and figured I'd toss this shit up in the air, plan on making like five Wolf matches to celebrate the game. let's go. Speed equal, fight takes place in an arena full of...
  6. Buttersamuri

    Quick Borderlands revision

    Two quick feats to buff borderlands Both Zer0 and Athena are able to react and combat the Vault Guardian In a robot in Tales of Borderlands who was able to react to the helios laser at almost point blank range. which is anywhere from mach 4373 to mach 14,577 (MHS+ to Sub Rela) (Also take note...
  7. Goombalsded

    Genji VS Zer0

    Both are expert swordsmen Both have cybernetic enhancements (Zer0 hasn't been verified) Zer0 has a large amount of strength and speed compared to Genji, but Genji has a higher stamina Genji seems to have a higher intelligence level, and can also deflect bullets (one of Zer0s main weapons are...