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wall eehto

  1. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: Discussion Rule Proposal

    So coming hot off the heels of a certain thread with a certain frequently brought up and addressed topic, I've decided it's high time for a discussion rule for Fairy Tail. It specifically has to do with the topic of Wall's and Natsu's heat, which was recently discussed here and being rejected...
  2. Valrhavn

    Fairy Tail - Heat Downgrade and Debunks

    People based their ideas on this picture: Wall's Magic Confinement Fusion, which is said to be the same as real life Magnetic Confinement Fusion, which produces temperatures of 200 Million Degrees Celsius. Now... i've seen someone saying this is from a Mashima interview or a FT databook in...
  3. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Simple Resistance Additions

    This should be pretty simple, but characters like Natsu, Wall, Laxus, and all the Fire Dragons should have resistance to High Temperatures As we know, Natsu is basically immune to all kinds of fire, being able to withstand others heat as well as his own. He was also able to completely resist...
  4. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Spriggans Scaling to Etherion

    This is something I always knew would happen one day… Since the start of my career on this site years ago, I’ve been putting this off for so goddamn long because it was a topic that was so fervently opposed by others… Hell it was hard for us to even scale the God Tiers to Etherion. I’ve even...
  5. Zackra1799

    Minor Laxus and Wall additions

    Just some minor additions to Wall and Laxus. Wall should get Information Analysis and Adaptation (As he can analyze people to learn about their weaknesses and adapt his machines to develop different powers to exploit those weaknesses) Along with that Wall should also get Water Manip for his...
  6. IgneeltheKing


    Im curious. why does wall have a mountain level rating when he's capable of charging and firing an Etherion Cannon?
  7. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Wahl's Etherion, and Magic Confinement

    Yes, another Thread made by me, what Fun 😊 The creator of the Blog actually wishes to redo this calc once agin, as he got this one wrong, so for now, it's pretty much about the legitimacy of using a magnetic confinement tactic, and if anyone wanted to calc it they ca So I was reading through...
  8. Crimson_Eyess

    Wahl Icht Vs Bartholomew Kuma

    Wahl is in his Assault Form Kuma is Pre-TS Battle is in Dressrosa Wahl has knowledge of Kuma & gets 1 hour of prep Speed Equalized ROUND 2 Same forms as above Battle is in Dressrosa No knowledge No BFR Speed Unequalized
  9. Czuczian11

    Wahl Icht changes

    As of newest chapter stats of his real body should be equal/higher than Laxus ones- it could also affect Ichiya stats (as he took a hit from 400km cannon) , it would be also good to add his asasult mode as additional "form" but it isn't nesescary now as this form is featles now.
  10. SomebodyData

    Zangetsu H2 (Bleach) Vs Wahl Icht (Fairy Tail)

    This was requested by WhiteSageSnake so if its a spite thread don't blame me ;)