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villain bots


    Clover (Cloverfield) vs The Villain Bots (MHA) [5-0-0]

    This is Baby Clover and two Executor Bots with four Victory Bots escorting them, speed is equalized and the fight takes place on U.A. grounds. Clover : 5 Villain Bots : Incon :
  2. ThePrimalHunter

    Adam Tries To Become A Hero (Adam Pixton vs Villain Bots) (GRACE)

    Adam Pixton passed the Green Haul Academy for The Sollertia entrance exams with flying colors. But, is he good enough to get into U.A. High School? Adam Pixton vs Villain Bots Ground Rules: Adam is 8-B Adam is fighting all 4 villain bots at once Speed is equal They start 15 meters away from...
  3. TheRustyOne

    My Hero Academia: High 8-C to 8-B Upgrades

    A rather big CRT, due to how many profiles this effects. Currently a big amount are High 8-C to High 8-C+, several recent accepted calculations now calls for some upgrades. Bakugo's Howitzer Impact has been recalculated as being 8-A, so everyone who scale to his Howitzer will be upgraded to 8-A...
  4. TheRustyOne

    MHA: Verse Wide Revisions

    Alright, this is likely one of the biggest CRT that doesn't involve the god tiers. This thread will be mainly focus on almost every single lower tier character. The basis for a lot of these upgrades or changes, is coming for quite a few reasons. The big one is Base Izuku being upgraded to High...
  5. Therefir

    My Hero Academia: Small Student Upgrade

    The purpose of this revision is to apply the results of this calculation to the students' profiles and all those affected by it. Who scales from the Victory Bots, how and why? Deku's AP and Durability = 9-B+ (Was able to cut a Victory Bot in half using a shield and withstand its kinetic energy...
  6. KingEzran

    Jaune Arc wants to become a hero

    Vol 4 Jaune is used. Jaune Arc is fighting all 4 villain bots at the same time. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 10 meters -Win via death Votes: Jaune: 0 Villain Bots: 0
  7. Golem_Guy_(Neo)

    Roronoa Zoro vs Giant Robots

    In this match up, I am pitting Roronoa Zoro against the Villain Robots from MHA, to see how Zoro stacks up against them. For clarification, this is the East Blue Saga Zoro versus all four of the Villain Robots, meaning he will have to face the 1 Point, 2 Point, 3 Point, and 0 Point Robots. The...
  8. Demetreth93

    (GRACE) Spy vs A Giant Sentry Gun (Villain Bot)

    You died as you lived: running away!" SPY VERSUS ONE-POINT BOT Both are 9-A Battle takes place in a random city Speed Equalized Spy will use his default gun, Your Eternal Reward, default invis...
  9. The_Smashor

    Composite Human attempts to become a hero

    Name: John Mary Smith Quirk: Composite Human Has the abilities and memories of every quirkless human to ever live. Also can spontaneously create military-grade technology in the amount of time it would take somebody with all the world's resources to build. Also seemingly has no true age or...
  10. CCMac27

    9-A Mineta

    Mineta should be "likely 9-A" for his tier. He would have had to destroy One-Point Bots to get into U.A. EDIT: Sorry, meant to put this in Content Revision