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veronica (the book eating magician)

  1. Schnee_One

    Shizuku Yaegashi vs Veronica

    What war is there to start, then a Waifu War. Dragon Veronica vs Low 7B Shizuku, Speed is Equal. Shizuku Yaegashi: 7 Veronica (The Book Eating Magician):
  2. Celestial_Pegasus

    The Book Eating Magician Revisions Part 1

    Waiting on Invidia and Theo's feats calc, but in the mean time, some things can be changed. Downgrade to Small City level First of all, many of the characters are mountain level for destroying a mountain, however this kind of feat is actually not mountain level according to this. So i propose...
  3. Sir_Ovens

    Dragon Ladies - Veronica vs Stella Vermillion

    I like my women how I like my coffee, scally and hot. That's why I only drink geko flavoured Nescafe. Busty Drago vs Busty Drago Draconic Veronica and SSSAF Dragon Spirit Stella (7-A and High 7-A respectively). Speed equalized. WIn via SBA.
  4. S.T.A.L.K.B.E.R.2

    Joker (Persona) Vs Veronica (The Book Eating Magician)

    Both are Tier 7 but Veronica isn't in her Dragon form. Speed Equalized Joker is fighting to get the custody of his kids back from Veronica .
  5. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Siegfried vs Veronica

    If Siegfried lose, gonna throw Veronica to Sigurd lel The dragon knight will fight against the red-headed dragon girl, who would win!!? -Base Veronica is used -Balmung is unrestricted (can be restricted if you all want) -Speed equalized -Both in character -Veronica know Siegfried back...
  6. Schnee_One

    Veronica vs Leonardo

    Well someone had to use Veronica at some point. And yes a Fate character. Speed is Equalized, this is Veronica in base, they start 200 meters away Hot fire Gurl: 1 Hot Castah Guy (Wait what the F-): 2
  7. Celestial_Pegasus

    Natsu Dragneel vs Veronica

    Both 7-A Speed is equalized Who wins? Natsu Dragneel: 7 Veronica: Inconclusive:
  8. AnonymousBlank

    Beatrice vs Veronica

    Because Thor is overused so I had to swap him out. - Speed Equal - Crater in Fuyuki - SBA Crazy loli: Dragon chick: 1 (Gar)