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Fire Emblem: Minor Addition Of Classic Abilities

Hey there i’ve been thinking of making this CRT for a bit and wanted to get it in before Fire Emblem Engage stuff starts to happen, The CRT is to suggest the addition of 2 gameplay abilities from the original versions of Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Mystery Of The Emblem be added to their profiles as well as justifying the use of those game, This would mainly be for Marth, Medeus, Tiki and probably Naga

As it stands i think Intelligence System the makers of the games seem to consider the older games interchangeable with the remakes in terms of the world, 20th Anniversary Fire Emblem Encyclopedia guide seems to use both versions of the games to depict the events of the series and in the Fire Emblem Heroes Lost Lore events which involve going to the world these games re chronicle their events and use both the old and new versions of the games to retell the events of the games which tells me that from an in universe standpoint the original games aren’t invalid,

Now what these abilities would be, for Marth In the original Shadow Dragon game his Exalted Falchion displayed the passive ability to negate any non dragon units ability to attack him from an adjacent tile via sealing in gameplay, Which essentially meant no one could fight him up close as their ability to try and attack is removed , While this power hasn’t been displayed in the Falchion since i believe it’s a noteworthy ability he’s possessed and for it to be added, Without even getting into composting the original games and current games i don’t think it’s unfounded for this ability to exist in the Falchion, Since the Falchion already possessed sealing abilities and the kind that prevents people from attacking has shown up in other forms in the series such as it being the passive ability of Duma’s Oculus in both Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes, Who’s capabilities as a Divine Dragon should be inferior to Naga who powers the Falchion , That ability for Duma was also accepted i believe and is on his profile, In Fire Emblem Echoes Illusory Marth’s Falchion also has the ability to Seal Duma’s Oculus ability providing Marth a resistance to this type of ability as well which only 3 other weapons in the game possesses, The Valentian Falchion, Roy's Illusory Binding Blade and Nosferatu as an Easter Egg to a famous Gaiden glitch, While i don’t think that means anything on it’s own i think it at least shows even going by the more modern games it should have a connection to this ability,

The second addition from the classic games is giving Durability Negation to the Manakete’s such as Tiki, Medeus and Naga, In the original Mystery Of The Emblem Manakets and their Breath attacks bypassed durability and this has been semi consistently ability for Manaketes and dragons across the series, Grima possessed this in FE Echoes and even recently in Fire Emblem Engage Dragons still have this and it’s meant to be represented to a nerfed degree in Fire Emblem Heroes by having Breath attacks always do damage using the enemies weakest defensive stat , So i think it would be safe giving Tiki, Naga and Medeus this ability from the older games , To add onto this Medeus Breath attack in specific Dark Breath disables or seals the use of Magic against him which i think would also be a noteworthy addition to add to his profile
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Intelligent Systems has actually recognized each individual game to be their own worlds, remakes and otherwise, rather consistently

In Fire Emblem Heroes, for example, we can see both Marth from Shadow Dragon/New Mystery, as well as Young Marth, who comes from the original Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

While the original games and their remakes are both canon, they're not exactly one in the same
I was semi confused on that since the Marth said to be from Mystery Of The Emblem game was familiar with Kris as if he was from New Mystery so i always thought Heroes was just referring to their appearance, But if that is the case it'd be more support for the idea i think
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I personally think Falchion nulling all non-Dragon attacks to more or less be a game mechanic that otherwise would translate to him just being very durable while holding the Falchion and not invulnerability or anything like that. Imhullu might have arguments about invulnerability being added back however.
I also wouldn't say that FE1's Falchion is just "being very durable" when it specifically only negates physical attacks at close range, this was a conscious decision made in development, given that Imhullu exists and can negate all attacks in the same game AND that the in game text displays specifically that the attack "was sealed"
I think there's more going for the Darkshpere having invincibility than the Falchion since Imhullu got it's power from it and in New Mystery the Darksphere does reduce all damage to 0 in gameplay even magic
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I think there's more going for the Darkshpere having invincibility than the Falchion since Imhullu got it's power from it and in New Mystery the Darksphere actually does reduce all damage to 0 in gameplay even magic
The Darksphere itself is explicitly mind manip. Imhullu was stated to be made from the Darksphere but doesn't really work off of the same principles. it's made out to be some form of barrier that makes use of spirits and is probably mixed with some other magic that's never elaborated on rather than the just mind manip that the Darksphere uses. This is also why the Lightsphere alone isn't enough to bypass Imhullu, it isn't just "Darksphere, but as a book"
I know it's mind manipulation, I just meant that out of anything in Marth's Arsenal i could see maybe having invincibility it would be that, Though doesn't the Darksphere still protect from Starlight? But anyway i'm not actually in favor of giving it invincibility or here to discuss that I'm only here about the Sealing and Durability Negation cause they're cool noteworthy abilities from the older games
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Though doesn't the Darksphere still protect from Starlight?
Probably, I don't think you ever get to use starlight against a Darksphere user in-game. Starlight is in the same spot as Imhullu as being built from the power of the gems but not being the gems themselves, so its user probably still gets affected by the Darksphere.
I misremembered the chapter you got Starlight but anyway i only brought that up since in the old games both the Darksphere and Imhullu stopped units from attacking in gameplay and in the remakes they both visually nulled damage in gameplay instead, I'm not here to discuss that but gameplay wise the Falchion's only shown the stopping it just removed the ability to attack at close range, Arrows and Magic still hit, I don't believe it's invincibility, All i meant by the Darksphere thing is we haven't seen the Falchion null damage in gameplay like that which would give more of a basis to the invincibility interpretation
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I feel like this would be the only difference since feats and other equipment would be the exact same
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Well, the breaths negating defense only applies to the games that those are in (our profiles currently cover the most current versions of each game. Each game and their remakes are canon, but not one in the same)

Though Expiration having Null Defense is fine (though we should note that it's a 50% reduction)
No worries, But yea i think it's semi consistent ability for Dragons across the series so personally i think it makes sense for the 3 listed to have it, Medeus and Tiki have it explicitly and Naga shouldn't be any different than Tiki