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the shape

  1. Oscar

    Dead by Daylight but it's more accurate (Ash Williams vs Michael Myers DBD)

    -Speed= -Ash carries his Mechanical Hand, Boomstick and Chainsaw -They fight in Raccoon City The Chosen One: 2 The Shape: Incon:
  2. EnnardTrap1987

    Dead by Daylight Hallowed Blight additions

    Well, here's my first thread on the new forums. Hah. Anyway, I might as well start off by saying: This new forum is not as bad as I thought, actually. Sure its outdated (for now), but most threads will eventually be archived onto here. Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Dead by Daylight additions...
  3. EnnardTrap1987

    Slenderman VS The Shape - The HAAAAAAAAAAX!!! battle

    Both 9-B Speed equalised Fight takes place in a forest Slenderman: 1 Daddy Myers: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  4. Moritzva

    Myers vs Atom (again?)

    The blood of Myers, staining the steel of Freddy, surrounded the duo. A few high-fives later, and they were ready to leave. Then... The Shape: Atom (Real Steel): Draw: Dead By Daylight - The Shape Chase Music
  5. The_Wright_Way

    Halloween Special ~ The Thing vs The Shape

    Takes place in an endless forest with random fire sprouts littered around. Speed Equalized. vs.
  6. The_Wright_Way

    John Carpenter vs Wes Craven

    The Thing and Michael Myers (Dead by Daylight) vs Ghostface (Dead by Daylight) and Freddy Kreuger (New Nightmare) Takes place in an abandoned forest, completely devoid of life. All fighters at 9-B. Speed Equalized.
  7. Abstractions

    Men behind Masks: The Shape vs. Jason Voorhees

    The forest of Crystal Lake had been still, with only the occasional gust of wind rushing through the trees to break the silence of the night. This peace is broken by a young girl, no later than her early twenties, sprints across the treeline; she appeared to be running from something. It is...
  8. Crimson_Azoth

    Celebrating Halloween (and the movie) - Michael Myers vs I swear I'm not Michael Myers | CLOSED FOR STOMPISIM

    With Spooktober the 31st coming ever closer, what better way to celebrate with a battle between two guys who literally stemmed from Halloween? This is Michael Myers of Halloween vs The Shape from Dead By Daylight Michael Myers: 9168.267 joules The Shape: 15,000 joules Ground Rules This is...
  9. The_Wright_Way

    Michael Myers vs. ....Michael Myers?

    Thorn Timeline Michael vs. The Shape (Dead by Daylight) vs.