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the godwoken

  1. Schnee_One

    Jin-Mo-Ri vs Ikki Kurogane

    What better way to celebrate a joke day with one joke of a match. SSSAF Arc Ikki vs High 7A Jin Mo Ri, Ikki Starts in base, speed is Equal. Mori Ji: Ikki Kurogane:
  2. JackJoyce

    Thanos vs The Godwoken

    Thanos with The Infinity Gauntlet: 7 (Eficiente, JooCipher, Setsuna tenma, Ercosore, ABoogieYesSir, Ionliosite, Sir sun man) The Godwoke: Both at 2-C. Speed Equalized
  3. The_Axiom_of_Virgo

    The seven that would obtain godhood Vs The fallen one that bested god (GRACE).

    Satan (Composite Devilman) Vs The Godwoken (Divinity: Original Sin 2). Speed is equalized (to avoid an obvious stomp). Both are 2-C. Both parties Sorry we aren't the 7 deadly sins but it's game over for you!. are aware of each other's species but not aware of each other's abilities, let the...
  4. Elizhaa

    2-A Divinity

    From The ABC of Dragons from Divinity 2, the Multiverse is stated to be boundless: https://imgur.com/KKTFaBq The gods Tiers are currently Tier 2-C for being able to destroy an unspecified multiverse size: Low Multiverse level(An entity with the power of the Divine is capable of ending "time...
  5. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    The Godwoken vs. The Champion of Cyrodiil

    Both of them became gods at the end of there journey and are RPG protagonists So I thought this matchup would be pretty good thematically. The Godwoke Source master key. vs The Champion of Cyrodiil Pelinal Reborn key. Speed equalized. Both of them have access to there strongest armors and...
  6. Assaltwaffle

    Fantasy Fiasco: Kratos vs the Godwoken

    Well, Kratos put his big boy pants on. Let's see how we holds his own again another tier 2. Kratos has found out there is one more god, The Divine, and has to put this one down as well. He has already killed Zeus and thus is at the end of GoW3. The Godwoken is divine. Rules: GoW3 Kratos at 2-C...
  7. Jinsye

    The Godwoken vs. World Guardian

    aka Assalt's surprise Speed Equalized, 5-B forms used Who wins? The Godwoke: 0 World Guardia: 0 Inconclusive: 7
  8. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    The Protector of Rivellon vs the Super Fighting Robot. The Godwoken vs Mega man!

    The Godwoke Vs. Mega Man (Classic) Source awakened Godwoken and composite MegaMan speed equal
  9. Jinsye

    Of Wishes and Vampires: Prismo vs. The Godwoken

    Basically stealing Assalt's title for Godwoken vs. UKG. The Godwoken has figured out that the God King can get one wish in the multiverse, due to plot reasons he decides to kill the wish-granter. Both are at their peak and completely bloodlusted. Who wins? Prismo: 0 The Godwoke: 0...
  10. Assaltwaffle

    The Crown of a Divine: Magolor vs the Godwoken

    Alright, so this little ball of evil has been going around lately, and somewhat recently got downgraded to 4-A. That puts him in striking distance of the 2nd strongest form of one of my big boys: The Godwoke Rules: Speed Equalized The Godwoken is a Source Master Malogor is in Magolor Soul...
  11. Assaltwaffle

    Of Witches and Vampires: Kriemhild Gretchen vs the Godwoken

    So, this gril is a big bad going around right now, huh? Well, I think I am obligated to throw her into one of my heavy-hitters! A Crazy Witch takes on a World-Ending Vampire. Rules: Speed Equalized Gretchen is Ultimate The Godwoken is a Source Master So, a stupid crazy haxxed 5-B takes on a...
  12. TacticalNuke002

    Doctor Doom(Marvel) vs The Godwoken(Divinity: OS 2)

    Doctor Doom vs The Godwoke Both at 5B Fight takes place in Battleworld. The Beyonder has taken back his powers and is forcing Doom to entertain him. This is Source Master Godwoken(Undead but can use Mask of Shapeshifting to avail benefits of being alive and other races' perks) vs Base Doom...
  13. Celestial_Pegasus

    Battle of the Strongest 8-C's

    All are 8-C, and speed is equalized of course. Hatchworth The Awake Yakagi Suimei Randall Flagg
  14. Assaltwaffle

    RPG Strikes Back: Bayonetta vs The Godwoken

    Alright. The Umbra Witch goes up against the not-yet-vampiric Source vampire. Rules: Bayonetta is in Base Form The Godwoken is Source Awoken Standard Battle Assumptions So, does the Witch win out, or can the Godwoken take her down? Let me know why. Bayonetta: 0 The Godwoken: 0...
  15. Assaltwaffle

    Overpowered Vampires: Alucard vs the Godwoken

    Although this was kinda done in the 2-C royale, but I honestly love this fight. Two multi-universe vampires with a taste for blood and existence. Let's see which wins... Rules: Speed Equalized The Godwoken is Divine Standard Battle Assumptions So, who wins? The real vampire or the Source...
  16. Assaltwaffle

    Divinity: Upgrades and Abilities Additions

    In Divinity, I knew for a while that the Divine (and all those equal to him) are vastly more powerful than characters like Braccus Rex, and could potentially destroy "all" and "everything." Until now I assumed everything meant physical, but it looks like it is higher than that. Jahan, an expert...
  17. Assaltwaffle

    RPG Revenge: Samus Aran vs The Godwoken

    Slayer of the World Guardia. It looks like a fellow RPG protagonist isn't happy with that, and this one is haxxed to the teeth. Rules Speed Equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Samus in Varia Suit The Godwoken is Source Awoken Source Awoken assumed to be 5-B Who wins and why? Can the RPG...