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the father

  1. Pepsiman25th

    Void vs Force

    This fight seems pretty fair so im doing it Strongest star wars character vs a kirby character The father vs Void termina Both are 4-A, speed equal, otherwise SBA battle takes place in space Dad: Void: incon:
  2. Qawsedf234

    Legends Star Wars MFTL+ speed downgrades.

    This staff thread has been accepted. With it comes a much harder definition of what travel speed is Now the point of this thread is that I'm making the claim that every single MFTL+ feat currently scaling upper tier Legends characters are entirely travel speed. Darth Sidious The text used to...
  3. TyranoDoom30

    Dio vs The Father

    Both are 4-A and speed is equal HEAVEN STANDO POWA: Bringing the Chosen One to my planet is not a bad decision: Incon: extra: Music
  4. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Soul King VS The Father

    Soul King (Bleach) VS The Father (Star Wars) Both are 4-A (Prime Soul King is used here) Speed Equalized Soul King: The Father: Inconclusive:
  5. LordWhis

    Kenobi with Dagger of Mortis vs The Father

    Speed equalised. Kenobi: Father: Incon: Who wins this ?
  6. Phoenixssj3

    Primarch Gauntlet for Abeloth and the Father

    So here it is: after I saw that Abeloth has been beaten by the EoMK, I wondered what could she do against the Primarchs, and I added the Father because why not? (excuse me if I make some errors, I don't know 40k verse that much) 1: Lorgar 2: Magnus 3: Daemon Prince Magnus 4: (Bonus)...
  7. Stalker_Maggot

    The Father vs Demigra

    Because Mindhaxs The Father vs Demigra 4-A versions used Speed equalized The Father: Demigra: 7 Incon:
  8. Cropfist

    Ones of Mortis Revisions

    The Son and Daughter's MSS tier is currently supported by them creating the Maw. However, they did not create the Maw by themselves, they ordered the Killiks to build the Centerpoint Station, which then used to create the Maw. So this should be removed, though it's likely moot since their MSS...
  9. Yobo_Blue

    The Father's Mid-Godly

    Why does he have mid-godly despite haing never shown it ?
  10. C2_of_Omegon

    The Father vs Galactus

    Galactus has discovered the Star Wars Galaxy somehow and has come to feed. The Father, sensing this and the devastation Galactus could do, has decided to try and stop him. This is Poorly Fed Galactus. Speed is Equalized. The Father: 7 (Gargoyle One, Ricsi-viragosi, DarthPotent66, The...
  11. Moses123

    Acacia (Toriko) vs The Father (star wars)

    all full power who wins?
  12. Shadowbokunohero

    The Father Star wars Disney Key?

    Is the Fathe really 4-A even in the Disney Key?, i doubt it. shouldnt he just scale to the comet feat. the disney canon version anyway.
  13. Phoenix821

    Kagutsuchi (Silverio Vendetta) VS The Father

    Kagutsuchi (Silverio Vendetta) VS The Father Speed equalized Father: 2 (Gargoyle One,Js250476) Kagutshuchi: 0
  14. Sir_Ovens

    The Father vs The God Emperor of Mankind

    Haven't had good controversy in awhile... Father vs Father Materium Emperor. Speed equalised. Win via death, incapacitation or BFR. Let there be Chaos.
  15. MasterOfArda

    Morgoth vs the God Emperor of mankind vs the Nightbringer vs the Father

    All at least 4-A. Who is the strongest?! Morgoth: 2 The God Emperor of Mankind: 1 The Nightbringer: 0 The Father: 0