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terra (mega man)


    Raditz vs Terra (Mega Man) [0-7-0]

    This is Oozaru Raditz and Game Terra being used, speed is equalized and the fight takes place on an indestructible planet with a breathable atmosphere. Raditz : Terra : 7 Incon :
  2. Migue79

    5-B Megamix/Gigamix Mega Man + Possible Downscaling

    Hello, everybody! Migue79 here to bring you all another Mega Man CRT after so long! And here, I will be proposing 2 things: upgrading Hyper Crystal users, the Stardroids & Duo to straight up '5-B' as opposed to '5-C, possibly 5-B', and even downscaling from them for Non-Hyper Crystal users. 5-B...
  3. Psychomaster35

    BFTW:5-B Round 5

    Click here to go to the main page. Welcome to Round 5 of the Battle for the World Tournament! In this match, the Symphogear wielding schoolgirl Hibiki Tachibana from Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Paul Frank) fights the Stardroid Terra from Mega Man (The Smashor)! Speed Equalized. Battle takes...
  4. Gaaraofthedesert801

    Terra vs Raditz

    So it's often been a joke about how much Terra looks like Raditz. I mean look at them, the armor, the hair, both from space, the fact they both owned their respective hero upon arriving to earth. The parallels are plenty. But which one would win a fight? Terra or Raditz Rules: Both in...
  5. Starter_Pack

    Tapu Koko vs. Terra (Battle of the Electric Hair) (1 Vote Remains)

    After discovering reports of high levels of energy coming from the region, Dr. Wily sends Terra to discover the source of this power on Melemele Island, hoping that whatever is the source of this energy will tip the scales in his favor against Dr. Light and the Blue Bomber. And finally, after...
  6. The_Smashor

    *Insert funny planet name theme joke here*

    Composite Terra vs Post-Serenity Base Anime Sailor Moon. Speed Equalized to Terra's level. Both are in character but willing to kill. Also, just so you know, this is the Terra from Mega Man. Easy to get confused with so many of them in fiction.
  7. The_Smashor

    An alien robot that one shot Mega Man vs One soggy boi

    Terra vs Chaos. Speed equalized to Terra's level. Both are bloodlusted. Also it's fun to call a character bloodlusted when the person they're fighting lacks blood. This is not a picture of Chaos 6 This is a picture of Terra