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  1. RitsuØ1

    Probably The Simplest Sword Art Online CRT Ever

    An Incarnation of the Radius Kirito & Others TL;DR: Pretty straightforward. Kirito & Others get the + for their City Block level key. That's it, folks. Laser Dodging Feat also needs to be calculated... Agree: (2) Dalesean027, DivineAura44 Disagree: (0) Neutral: (1) Kaantantr
  2. PsychicCipher

    Removing the 'At least' from Goddess Sinon and Leafa's profiles

    After the rewrite for Stacia Asuna's profile, I do not see a need to have the 'at least' for Solus Sinon or Terraria Leafa's profiles anymore. Would it be best that their tiering just be 6-C, without this 'at least'?
  3. PsychicCipher

    Asuna and Sinon's Goddess AP in Anime

    So Asuna's goddess appearance has been adapted, and instead of red stars, the animators chose a different approach, instead having her create multiple Aurora Borealis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oacl5tGFaa4 As for Sinon as Solus, the blue skies has not been shown, but there is a good show...
  4. SAO Tier 4 & Goddess Revisions

    Asuna, Creation Goddess, and Star Queen Goddess of Creation Stacia Key: Asuna turns the night sky red by her sheer prescence: "Milky white, radiant particles descended, slowly, gently and softly like snow. As a weird shiver went down his spine, Vassago slowly lifted his head. The night sky...
  5. PsychicCipher

    Sword Art Online Goddess Feats

    Spoilers for the second half of Alicization. I decided to compile some feats of the Goddess accounts in Alicization, namely Asuna and Sinon's. Goddess of Creation, Stacia: Asuna makes the starry sky get coloured red. Just by her presence. "Milky white, radiant particles descended, slowly...
  6. S.T.A.L.K.B.E.R.2

    Courier 6 vs Sinon Remake

    Both are at 8-B In-character, Speed is equalized hoping not a stomp.
  7. DivineCrusader2

    Courier 6 (Fallout New veegas) Vs Sinon (Sword Art Online)

    Courier 6 don't have fatman that it
  8. DeathReaperX

    Genji and Hanzo vs Asuna and Sinon

    Composite Asuna. ALO Sinon (bow Sinon). Speed is equalized. Who wins?
  9. Mine (Akame ga kill !) vs Sinon (SAO)

    Both are female snipers and they are the same tier. Since Mine is way too fast for Sinon and her blasts are way more devastating, speed is reduced for Mine and upgraded for Sinon (but the difference of speed is small). There is a distance of 200 meters between them, both are hidden,and Sinon...
  10. LordKill90908

    Sinon vs Widowmaker

    Speed equalized.
  11. Thebluedash

    Sword Art Online - Ratings?

    There are no legitmate justifications for their stats. Dodging bullets, even bullets from machine guns aren't always 100% Hypersonic. (Heck, I calculated a feat for a character named Genji where he slices bullets from machine guns in a 90 degree slice and BARELY got hypersonic). Building level...
  12. VJF&RMF

    Sinon (Sword Art Online) vs. Revy (Black Lagoon)

    fight takes place on an an urban map the characters are equipped with the following Revy: her twin custom Beretta 92s, a Gepard M3 sniper rifle, an M79, and a PM-63 Sinon: a Glock 18C, an MP7, some grenades and her PGM Hecate II. She also gets her Hawk Eye ability (it reduces the distance...