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shiroyama kyousuke

  1. DontTalkDT

    The Unexplored Summon - Regarding the Passive Memory Erasure of Awards

    Alright, so memory manipulation is listed on Kyousuke's page as follows: There is actually no problem with that. The problem is in the fact that we don't list it for anyone else, which is all kinds of inconsistent. For context, those in the verse that have Awards get forgotten by those who...
  2. DontTalkDT

    Yugi Muto vs Shiroyama Kyousuke

    Yugi Muto vs Shiroyama Kyousuke SBA, Kyousuke has an average vessel Which summoner takes it?
  3. DontTalkDT

    The Unexplored Summon:// Blood Sign final update thread - The White Queen did nothing wrong

    With the final volume of bloodsign out I will use the bit of time I have today to kickstart the last changes. I will go in no particular order: Resurrection The White Queen isn't hard enough to kill yet, right? So how about we add in yet another kind of type 8 immortality? "She definitely...
  4. Zhaoshuais

    Kamijou Touma VS Shiroyama Kyosuke

    Seems interesting,as Touma can negate Materials and break Protective Circle or Artificial Sacred Ground.This makes a completely different battle for Shiroyama Kyosuke. And they begin with knowledge for each other,as they have meet before. Discuss two situations: 1,strictly one on one,that...
  5. DontTalkDT

    Shiroyama Kyousuke takes on Pokémon Trainer

    Shiroyama Kyousuke takes on our Pokémon Trainer from weakest to strongest. (gauntlet style) Scenario 1: Kyousuke fights them according to the SBA. He gets no vessel. The trainer get no Pokémon. Can he be stopped? Scenario 2: Kyousuke is thrown into the Pokémon world, without a vessel, tasked...
  6. DontTalkDT

    The Queen Executioner tries to kill yet another hard to kill thing (Shiroyama Kyousuke vs SCP-682)

    Shiroyama Kyousuke vs SCP-682 Kyousuke-chan has 2 weeks of prep time and access to the foundations research articles about 682. Battle takes place in Toy Dream 35. Edit: The high 8-C 682 key is used. He gets Olivia Highland as vessel (needed to give him some vessel, otherwise he can't summon...)