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shiori kujou

  1. QuasiYuri

    Yet another Shinza Bansho CRT: Gods Physiology revision

    Intro Wanted to do cool aesthetic changes first, but someone made a thread regarding Gods, so might as well keep the best for the end. Gods Physiology was made. Some things are weird af. Gonna correct what I find the weirdest. Pseudo Gods Create a "Pseudo-God" category, they definitely don't...
  2. ALRF

    Rewriting Shiori's page

    Kujou Koujin-Ryu: In a world in which concept of death and religion doesn't exist, what does becoming a god mean? In other words, it is transcendence of common sense, it is nothing else but supernaturalization of self or spiritualism. [Therefore, main point of the Kujou is summarized in intense...
  3. Monarch_Laciel

    Shiori Kujou VS Bane the Demon Lord

    Looks for hax 7-B characters remembers Visual Novels exist Oh yeah Start with this chick Bane Shiori Speed equalised Battle takes place here
  4. ZERO7772

    Fuji Ren VS. Shiori Kujo

    Zarathustra VS. Shiori-cha Two characters from masada verse - Battle end with K.O because i don't my cute shiori to die "it's alright to kill Ren tho " - In Character -This is Base Ren with overture Braih We can change the ruels later to make it more fair if needed Fight ~
  5. Celestial_Pegasus

    Shiori Kujou vs Shion (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken)

    Base Shiori Speed Equalized Who wins? Shiori: Shio: 2 Inconclusive:
  6. ZERO7772

    Shiori Kujou VS King Hassan

    Since Shiori just got her profile finally "Thanks to ALRF who took his sweet time with it " lets celebrate it with her first match on the site and since fate verse have history of matches with masadaverse i though why not Hassa-kun: 1 VS Shiori-chan : 2 In character Speed equalized We...