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shinji hirako

  1. Arcker123

    Team Jobber Revisions

    Vizard CRT. Just fixing up the P&A. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Arcker123/Sandbox Agree: Arc, Elmade, Kachon, Anon, Moron Neutral: Disagree:
  2. That_moron2

    Visored Profile Updates

    Shinji Shinji should have Sound Manipulation for his second key, as shown near the end of CFYOW Vol. 2 when he inverts the sounds the Mini-Kidomoe hear. And Sakanade doesn't create illusions either, it inverts senses, so Sense Manipulation works better. Remove the energy projection since it...
  3. Myxenete

    A much larger Bleach CRT

    How do I get those other CRTs officially accepted because no one's disagreed with them yet? Kurosaki Ichigo (pre-timeskip): Limited forcefield creation: Ichigo's hollow mask may manifest at spots on his body to shield him from taking the full force of a blow Natural weaponry: Can shape his...
  4. Guacamolefletcher

    Shinji Hirako from bleach space-manipulation.

    This would be based on the space-manipulation hax that he is stated to have in bleach unmasked, a guidebook I bought and a translation I got from an expert translator. It would be translated as: Noren Mekuri A technique that tears space apart. Generally used against Kidō, which has the...
  5. ricatthegoat

    Shinji Hirako ( Bleach ) additional abilities

    Hi everyone, I'm gonna try to add additional abilities for Shinji Hirako's bankai "Sakashima Yokoshima Happofusagari". First is, "Shinji can invert the perception of their enemy who was a "friend" and who was a "foe." They had died by biting each other's stomachs or using their sharp claws to...
  6. LordWhis

    Shinji vs Prime Soul King and the Champion of Cyrodiil

    Shinji starts in hollow mask Bankai form. 4A champion of Cyrodiil. Speeds equalised. Shinji: Team: Incon: Sorry if this is a stomp. Thought it would be interesting.
  7. LordWhis

    Shinji upgrade

    Shikai Shinji was able to damage Aizen (and may even have been able to kill him if he had not wasted time giving a monologue. Shinji's key should be changed to At least 7a, high 6c with shikai, higher with hollow mask, unknown with bankai.
  8. EightAte8

    Shinji Hirako versus Shunsui Kyoraku

  9. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Shinji Hirako vs Caster Da Vinci (Will Da Vinci take an L again this time?)

    Shinji Hirako, The Illusion Guy Who isn't as Good as Aizen, vs Caster (Leonardo da Vinci), Gil's supposed Successor who just ended up taking a bunch of Ls Speed Equalised. Da Vinci is Blood Lusted. May turn on Prep time later
  10. JCQ220

    Shinji Hirako vs Gin Ichimaru

    This fight takes place in Karakura town Fight to the death who wins and why?
  11. Ryuuzakiscorpio

    Regarding Ichigo, Grimmjow and Shinji Pre-Time Skip

    Ichigo is put at Town level (on par with Byakuya) Grimmjow is Town level (Overcame Bankai Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō with a Cero) Hirako Shinji is City level via power-scalling (Managed to casually defeat Grimmjow, without his arm, injured Aizen and also the unofficial Leader of the Vizard)...