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  1. Minos_the_Judge

    Where did Pinhead show his time stop?

    Pinhead's profile states that the Cenobites can stop time in the comic. I didn't find this scan. There is no link to the feat or to the source. Please show me this feat.
  2. EnnardTrap1987

    Hellraiser discussion

    We have such sights to show you.. Anyway, what the title of this thread suggests.
  3. EnnardTrap1987

    Regarding Pinhead’s profile..

    Are the Hellraiser comics and such canon to the films? If not, I feel like the keys on Pinhead’s profile should be split into their own profiles, but correct me if I’m wrong.
  4. ByAsura

    Pinhead Small Change

    In Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Barbie busts a hole larger than himself through a brick wall with his flame breath. The other Cenobites in the series are created by the Leviathan and experience the rigors of the Labyrinth, whereas Pinhead admits that the Cenobites he created from Earthly...
  5. DaReaperMan

    Pinhead vs Pinhead

    Speed Equal Both 9-B Battle takes place in a disco club 5 meters apart Pinhead: 0 Pinhead: 0 Pinhead: 0
  6. Qawsedf234

    Pinhead key adjustment

    Current profile. I'm suggesting a definition change for his key. Why? Because this is not a normal Pinhead. After becoming Human again and breaking the devices of the Toymaker, he found an ancient being (implied to be Satan) that granted him the ability to break his mortal limits. That combined...
  7. Jackythejack

    A Demon fights a Priest (Pinhead vs The Nun)

    I have no clue of this is a good idea but its certainly an idea. Both 9-B because why not. Uuuuuh speed equal if it has to be I guess. Besides that tell me who wins and why. Pinhead Valak
  8. ShrekAnakin

    Vision vs Pinhead

    Both 6A, speed equalized, Vision is bloodshed. Who you calling a pinhead?: 0 The original Zero: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  9. GoCommitDi

    Courage vs Pinhead

    Both 7-B Courage is bloodlusted and willing to rescue Muriel from Pinhead at all costs Courage has a day of prep speed is = Fight is in Nowhere, giving Courage the home field advantage
  10. Christian_Higdon

    Pinhead vs the Tall Man

    Speed Equal. Both are 9-B. Battle is in a forest. Both are in-character. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Elliot Spencer: 0 Jebediah Morningside: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  11. DaBoizRBak

    Wendigo (Mythology) vs Pinhead (Movies Only)

    Both are put to their full potential, and only their own feats are aloud The Wendigo is 15ft tall from eating 2 other men making it 3x stronger than the average man The Wendigo can hurt and maybe even kill cenobites, due to it being a supernatural being The battle takes place in the forest...
  12. Bobsican

    Pinhead Vs. Patrick Star

    Both at 9-B, speed equalized, Patrick can breath on land. The pink star: 0 The spiky guy: 3 (Frieza force soldier, Schnee One, MrKingOfNegativity) Incon: 0
  13. Soundofmastery706

    Pinhead (Movies) vs. Ghost Rider (Movie Version)

    Rules Pinhead has no help from any other cenobites. Ghost Rider has his chain. Battle takes place in a abandoned warehouse. Results Ghost Rider: Pinhead: Inconclusive:
  14. Silvervigilant

    Dante vs Pinhead

    Both at High 6-A Speed equalized Who Wins ? The Demon : 0 The Demon Hunter : 6
  15. fandom_2horny4u

    Sub Relativistic+ Pinhead

    idk why this wasn't listed on the page. especially since we already have the info . 51889976.4 mph is 7% LS Sub Relativistic+
  16. Hunterzillas

    Freddy vs Pinhead

    Freddy wants to expand his territory past Springwood, but Pinhead stands in his way, and all hell breaks loose. The fight takes place in the dream realm, and Pinhead is going all out (High-6A). SBA Speed = if it even matters Freddy Krueger: 0 Pinhead: 0 Incon: 0
  17. AppleLord

    Pinhead vs Yhwach

    The Lament Configuration is open by SK Yhwach and Pinhead is summon to the Soul King throne. No letters for YHWH Almighty can be use. Let the Game begin! (Speed is equalized.) Think You Know Pain!
  18. AppleLord

    Shouldn't Pinhead be likely Planet level?

    His size along is bigger than a planet, and he is capable of busting one. Feats are in his profile after all. I suggest likely Planet level upgrade.
  19. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    The Hellbound Heart Profiles

    So I've been reading the novella and was thinking of adding these profiles. Watched the movies but not the books. A character that caught my attention was the lead cenobite, I'm confused if that was supposed to be Pinhead or not so I just made the blog. I don't think it was named but eh. Also...
  20. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    The Djinn vs Pinhead

    The Djinn (Wishmaster) vs Pinhead (Hellraiser) Rules The Djinn has been wished to kill Pinhead Pinhead is Composited Djinn has death Manipulation and deathless immortality is restricted Fight takes place in the Labyrinth Results TD: PH: IN: