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  1. ThatDarnFish

    Hulk (2003) vs Pickle

    Pickle: vs Hulk: Both 7-C, speed equalized. Fight takes place in a phone boo-- In the streets of Tokyo
  2. DMUA

    Grappler Baki: Making a Tier 7 verse Tier 7

    Yeah I don't really get why Baki supporters didn't jump on this the second it was a thing, but Pickle surviving the meteor that killed the dinosaurs is a Low 7-B feat, as he was totally undamaged when he got preserved. That's really all I need but since I am making a CRT I might as well comb...
  3. NotoriouSoda

    Grappler Baki General Discussion

    Hello is this a discussion thread for Grappler Baki and anything related to it. 💪 Where to start Grappler Baki Baki Hanma Baki Baki Dou Baki Dou (2018) Baki Rahen (Currently ongoing)
  4. Armorchompy

    Pickle vs Rick

    both fully in character speed equalized and all that shit this is a very high effort match, both 8-A Pickle: 0 Rick: 0 Me getting a better sense of humor: 0
  5. Theluki0909

    (The Primitive battle) Pickle VS Mega Gnar

    both 7-C Transformed Pickle key and obviously Mega Gnar key speed equal Pickle - 1 Gnar -
  6. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Biscuit Oliva vs Pickle

    Curious to see who would win between these two monsters Both at Low 7-C SBA Muscle Ma : Jurassic Ma : 4 (Amlad, Baki, Yianni, KGiffoni) Inconclusive:
  7. PsychicCipher

    Baki Scaling Upgrades

    I believe the scaling between 8-B and Low 7-C for the Baki profiles are rather flawed, so I will need to clear things up. 1) Kaioh Retsu should be Low 7-C for the current arc. From Chapter 95 of Baki: Son of Ogre, he can take a hit, and deal lasting attacks against Pickle. 2) This means that...
  8. LaGoneCarat

    Reigen the Caveman Hunter (Reigen VS Pickle)

    Reigen gets an urgent call from a rural village, where an ""evil spirit"" is rampaging throughout the town. Bringing Mob along, he visits the place to see Pickle plowing through walls and making intense primal noises, banging his chest like a silverback gorilla. Will Reigen be able to tame the...
  9. GimmyJibbsJr

    Kaoru Hanayama upgrades?

    So, from my understanding, Hanayama has shown that his power is enough to go up against the likes of both Pickle and Miyamoto, two Small Town Level characters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTEkFRwIfnM - In this video, we see that Pickle notes Hanayama as having strength surpassing that of...