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  1. Witherbrine98

    Ilulu Vs. Passionlip

    The Chaos Dragon and friend of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Ilulu, faces off against the Alter Ego of Love & Hate and Servant fighting for humanity's Fate, Passionlip. R1: Both characters are up to date (Ilulu's most recent appearance in Dragon Maid, Passionlip's most recent appearance in...
  2. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Nasuverse: small CRT for some servants

    Honestly, I want to wait for another Nasuverse revision first, but since it hasn't been made, I'll add a more stuff i guess. Natural environment of Imaginary Number Space Imaginary Number Space is a higher dimensional alternative space used for time travel, dimensional travel, etc. Some of...
  3. Makkurona

    Passionlip gets bullied by Hero Hunter

    Passionlip vs Garou Both starts at 6-C and at 5 m range Who would win? Lip: Garou: Kazuradrop and Seijuurou join in:
  4. Diinou_HotHead

    Issei meets the biggest boobies of 7-A

    Cardinal Crimson Issei VS Base Passionlip Both at 7A Issei Hyoudou: 1 (Milly) Passionlip: 1 (Iapitus) Speed equalized Starts 10 meters away I am the king of my Harem. You're also bullying me?
  5. GalaxianAegis

    Regarding Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail (Spoilers Ahead)

    Recently, during the events of an ongoing side manga for Fate/Extra CCC called Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail it has been discovered that the true culprit behind the events of the manga is a character known as Kazuradrop, the last Alter Ego to be revealed within the manga. Because of this I made a...
  6. Jiangshi1

    Are you a backdoor man or a valley man? Okina vs Passionlip

    Starting Location - A realm of ice Starting distance - 50 meters Conditions - Any means necessary Speed Equalized if need be Character status - In-character, willing to kill if needbe No prep time https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Passionlip https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Okina_Matara