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  1. DragonLord

    (DC) Orion Star System Busting source

    I was looking through the New Gods Profile and I saw these what comic(s) is this from and is there any further context to this?
  2. Mil_the_cat

    DC comics: 3-A Rebirth new gods and let's talk about consistency

    First: I'm a new member and I don't speak English perfectly, sorry for the typos And come on, the new gods has multiple feats and inultilizable powerscalling Darkseid: First let's see the fights of darkseid with another characters of the DC who aren't 3-A: Vs justice league: The JL can't...
  3. Elizio33

    Possible New Gods upgrade?

    Since the Sphere of the Gods is beyond the Orrery of World which contain the Bleed and have immeasurable dimensions, shouldn't the God Sphere and the New Gods become 1-B rather than Low 1-C? It was stated many times that the DC Multiverse has countless dimensions from a dozens to hundreds...
  4. PrinceOfTheMorning

    Big update to Orion's profile

    Darkseid has long since been updated, now it's time to handle Orion so his profile is up to code. I'll probably end up making a new thread for how we handle emanations vs godheads once I finish DC cosmology stuff I'm working on, but for now I just want to get Orion in line with Darkseid. These...
  5. Oliver_de_jesus

    ALE powers for darkseid, mobius and orion + new gods addictions

    powers that users(Anti momitor, orion and darkseid) receive from the Anti life equation universes travel (Anti-life exists in the space between universes allowing the user to travel to other universe.) mind Manipulation(Orion brainwashes Earth) Willpower Manipulation(. When he learned that...
  6. Adem_Warlock69

    Everyone wants to upgrade this guy.

    Everyone wants Superman to be Universal,So I'm making a thread about it...that's it...... Feats and Scaling!!! -Remember when Post crisis fought Old Golden age Supes? Well did you know that they were Shaking the space time continuum apart, shattered a space time continuum,and could rewrite...
  7. Confluctor

    When did Orion kill Darkseid?

    I just finished rereading the Death of New Gods story and Orion didn't kill Darkseid. So, why is it here in this wiki?
  8. Firestorm808

    Post-Crisis Avatar Orion, Astro-Force Addition

    In Jack Kirby's Fourth World Vol 1 #3 - #5, Darkseid has pillaged the universe, destroying whole worlds to steal the power of the gods. With it, he created the Oblivion Bomb to destroy the Universe/Cosmos. It was only through Orion and his use of the Astro-Force that he was able to contain the...
  9. Mercury_$erpent

    1-A tier for New Gods.

    This revision seems crazy, but not stupid, so... For the first, speed force already is extradimensional space, so SoG must transcends it (by the Morrison's map ). Hell is also extradimensional space, which locates on the same plane of reality with Apokalips and NG. And also SoG located on...
  10. Sandman31

    Darkseid/New Gods addition/revision

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/1678978 Possible High 2-A Darkseid and Rama Kushna (?) Abstract Existence for Darkseid and New Gods Night-Omnipresence for Darkseid Captain Adam downgrade
  11. JackJoyce

    Potential Darkseid Upgrade

    Why Post Crisis Darkseid isn't 3-A if he can do this.. Wonder Woman Rebirth 37
  12. LordNephalem

    New Gods revision

    Ok, I know I've talked about some of these things before, so It's okay if I have to just close the thread. But here we go: New Gods' speed: In their true forms, new gods live in "a place beyond time and space, a world without measure as human minds comprehend such things", a place where...
  13. AndrewBennet


    Orion displayed star system durability in the current rebirth gl issue . So shouldn't he be upgraded to 4b instead of 5A ? Just the Shockwave of Orion and Godkiller clashing destroyed an entire star system. http://postimg.org/image/a439j584t/ http://postimg.org/image/skxo9yo31/...
  14. Laserbeak3.0

    Orion VS Jasper

  15. Figarole

    Lucifer A Universal

    I wanted to give you a hand because you have a lot of confusion about the comics, Lucifer has only a universe, not multiverse, thanks to Michael who freed his power.The power of Michael would have replaced the universe with another. But the void is a controlled detonation so as not to hurt...
  16. AnimeFanboy2916

    Beerus vs Orion

    Who wins!? Both bloodlusted! Win by death or KO!