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origami tobiichi

  1. Phoenks

    Origami vs Tatsumaki (0-7-0) Grace

    Origami is definently the best girl in this anime, they ruined her for like one episode but then she came back! Origami Tobiichi vs Tornado of Terror This is Inversed Form Origami, the one with the long hair. (They are High 6-C) Speed Equalized Start 500m away because Tornado has op range
  2. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Celebrating Hinako Akuta profile: Hinako Akuta (Consort Yu) vs Tobiichi Origami

    Yeah, almost a year since Lostbelt III are out, i being patient and tortured waiting this moment, and finally......SHE'S HERE!!! Alright, pretty much we need to celebrate her first time joining this site, by creating an spam matches for our senpai, and in same time we need more entertaining...
  3. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Origami Tobiichi

    Huh, its been a while since i made KHR matches, right? Well fortunately i have new matches idea starting with this, aside the fact that Origami need more match so yeah lel Anyway let's into the battle!: The future mafia leader confronting an angelic spirits who tasked to destroying him, will...
  4. Yomi Vs Origami

    I see that Tohka and Shido are spamed to hell, we need other spirits battle, and Origami need a good one i guess, let's start this: Speed Equalized Both 6-C Both strat at 100 meters
  5. Origami Vs Wiz

    Well well, Origami Vs Wiz, i've currently searching an opponent for Origami and i didn't find at least one opponent but i think this one, it should be good, Wiz, one of the strongest High 6-C Vs an unknown fighter, hoping it's isn't a stomp Speed Equalized Both start at 100 meters of each...
  6. Date A Live Revision Part 2

    Well, it's time to an upgrade of Date a Live Part 2, this revison isn't for the whole Date a live content, just a revision of DAL's volume 1-12 Full Spirits Abilities: Full Spirits have many forgotten abilities: Resistance to Life Absorption (It's said that Shidou thanks to the Reiryoku of...
  7. Date a live Revision Part 1

    Upgrade https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:The_Causality/Inverse_Tohka%27s_wrath_-_Date_a_live The mountain busting for inverse tohka is accepted at Island level so i want to know who scale to this (i didn't readed the LN) so if there are experts about LN they are welcome, now the...
  8. AvalancheExiaR2

    Raiden (MGR) vs Tobiichi Origami (Date A Live)

    Raiden in Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja aka Jack the Ripper Rules of Nature, just surrender vs Tobiichi Origami (Date A Live) in DEM CR-Unit Origami DEM