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  1. Robo432343

    Mundus vs Mundus (DMC vs ABF)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ergo_Mundus#Demon_Form vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mundus_(Devil_May_Cry) SBA Speed Equal
  2. GilverTheProtoAngelo

    Routine Hax Buff - DMC

    Introduction This is a series of power additions to various characters in the series. Getting into it;
  3. Tony_di_bugalu

    The last DMC thread

    Hello all and welcome to possibly the last DMC CRT of this year, this time featuring Void "Mundus" being a Void 3.0 Some proposals already have some counters made by DontTalkDT, which I already countered too but on his request I will link ya'all to it. In short a soul in Devil May Cry...
  4. PhantomMistress

    Devil May Cry: Downgrade

    Hello. I am a new person here on the wiki - I have lurked for a relatively long time and participated on the OBD here. I decided to make an account after learning about this. I am a proud DMC fangirl and it's one of my favorite fictions out there. That said though. Recently, Devil May Cry...
  5. Kepekley23

    DMC2 Bolverk slight upgrade

    Bolverk is currently considered as "Possibly 3-A" for having survived a fight with Sparda and survived his first battle with Dante, but, with a new casual read of the DMC2 guide, I believe I have found evidence to support him being a definite 3-A. He is stated to be the most skilled warrior...
  6. Kepekley23

    Guy who can kill universal gods vs. Guy who created a universe

    VS. Kratos vs. Mundus. PoH Kratos. Speed equalized.
  7. Follow_Doctor_Freeman

    DMC Upgrades Back to Universal

    Hey, good afternoon! I got a reason for DMC upgrades I'd like to discuss, if you good fellows would be so inclined. A while back our very own Matthew Schroeder made a good case for downgrading some characters since the stat justifications on their pages at the time were not quite up to snuff...