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mr. sandman

  1. MistaClean

    Two of the greatest boxers ever meet (GRACE!)

    Mr. Sandman vs Matt (Wii Sports) Speed is equal Sandman is at 9-B Matt is in his Wii Sports key Matt's equipment is restricted except for his silver gloves Battle takes place in the World Circuit Sandman: 7 Matt:
  2. DaReaperMan

    Small Punch Out!! CRT

    so, is there any reason that Mike Tyson and First Key Little Mac aren't 9-B? i mean, i get that we scale Mike Tyson to his real life prime counterpart at least in some regards but everyone else who is in the 1987 Punch Out!!(which was all of them with the exception of Nick Bruiser) don't have...
  3. Maverick_Zero_X

    Foxy vs Mr. Sandman

    Foxy tries to crush this dude’s skull. Fight takes place in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria during the night shift. Speed is equalized.
  4. MistaClean

    Robot Vs Boxer: The Champion Editon

    Mr. Sandma vs Zeus (Real Steel) Speed is equal Battle takes place in the WVBA Zeus: 3 Sandman:
  5. Landon_Avery

    Mr. Sandman vs a T-Rex. Because why not?

    Mr. Sandma vs T-Rex Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Both are 9-A Location: Jurassic Park T-Rex enclosure
  6. Antvasima


    Given a recent upgrade to the Mr. Sandma profile, these pages seem to need a statistics update. In addition, some of the statistics, such as lifting strength and speed, don't seem to have any justifications. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Punch-Out!!
  7. PublicMinority87

    Mister Satan vs Mr. Sandman

    Speed is equalized Mr. Satan doesn't have explosives or weapons. Satan:: 0 Sandman:: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  8. PublicMinority87

    Sandman power should be higher.

    The building Mr. Sandman destroyed was most likely a small building by the looks of it. And he also completely collapsed the building.
  9. The_Wright_Way

    Punch-Out!! Revisions

    I found a rather impressive and pretty casual feat that puts the verse well above wall level. Mr Sandman shakes an entire stadium filled with thousands of people by walking. See for yourself: https://youtu.be/u7eFWYYwQh8 Problem is, I'm not good enough at calcs to decide what tier this would...
  10. Arigarmy

    Possible Punch-Out!! Revisions

    It says that Mr. Sandman knocked down that building in his opening card in a single punch, but that's actually false. In the opening card, he alternates his fists, meaning he uses more than one punch. In this shot he's using his left fist. In this shot, he's using his right fist. This would...
  11. LeopoldTheBrave

    Little Mac and Mr. Sandman downgrade...?

    Strength and Durability So I don't deny the Don Flamenco feat at all because boom it happens right there. But Mr. Sandman didn't destroy a building in one punch. Look at Mr. Sandman's clip again at 0:22. In frame 2 he punches the building with his left arm, then frame 3 he punches the building...