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magneto (x-men film series)

  1. RoTt35

    Magneto (FOX) Rework

    As with Jean Grey, Magneto's profile will be splitted in two, the current one will be for his Pre-Retcon version (Original Timeline) and here I made a sandbox for his Post-Retcon version (Revised Timeline). The current profile will be renamed to "Magneto (FOX: Pre-Retcon)", and it also needs...
  2. Jasonsith

    (0 M - 2 DP) Community Death Battle - Magneto vs Danny Phantom

    Normal X-Men Film Magneto vs Season 1 Danny Phantom Bloodlusted Speed equalised (Danny tuned down to Magneto) Magneto - 0 Danny Phantom - 2 - LordGriffin1000, Ionliosite Jake Long laughs at both - 0 And a Marvel Comics Magneto vs EoS Danny Phantom version is on this Community Death Battle.
  3. OneShotYourFave

    Magneto vs Pyrhha nikos

    speed equal Normal magneto
  4. Revan_Laha

    Some Magneto and Apocalypse revisions

    So I looked into Magneto's Horseman of War profile where Magneto is Town level for effortlessly destroying Auschwitz. Yet Quicksilver who is Town level+ couldn't penetrate his forcefield, which is again his magnetic manipulation powers used in a different way. I think we should upgrade Magneto...
  5. Nico-v11

    Pyrrha Nikos vs Magneto (X-Men Film Series)

    Two fighters that use magnetism. One that uses it to its fullest extent while rarely ever getting up close and personal. The other that mostly uses it to perfect movements and gain secret advantages. Speed Equalized and Normal Magneto Pyrrha Nikos: 0 Magneto (X-Men Film Series): 0 Inconclusive:

    Cole MacGrath vs Magneto

    This was eventually bound to happen The Electric Ma vs The Master of Magnetism inFAMOUS 1 Cole vs X-Men Film Series Magneto Environmental Destruction is RESTRICTED SPEED EQUALIZED Both Start 10 feet away from each other Location: New York City WHO WINS AND WHY?
  7. Meosos

    Avengers vs X-men (movie versions)

    Which one is the strongest "superhero" team ? Restrictions: No Quicksilver (Fox), No Prof. X, No Iron Legion, No Hulkbuster Location: New York (round 1), Sokovia (round 2), Airport (round 3) Round 1: Avengers (Hulk, Thor, Iron Ma, Cap, Hawkeye, Widow) vs Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops...
  8. Meosos

    Gandalf vs Magneto (Movie Versions)

    Round 1: Gandalf the Grey (no Staff) vs Magneto (Old) Round 2: Gandalf the Grey vs Magneto (Young) Round 3. Gandalf the White vs Magneto (Horseman of War) Battle takes place in Moria (Round 1), New York (Round 2), Kairo (Round 3), Magneto has his basic Equipment, Gandalf has Glamdring and his...
  9. GreatestSin

    X-Men Film Series Magneto Updgrade

    Attack Potency: At least Multi-City Block level (Moved a large part of the Golden Gate bridge) Range: Several kilometers this are Magnetos current stats, but as we saw in the X-men Apokalypse movie Magneto had Planet lvl range and AP, he should be upgraded...