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leonardo (1987)

  1. Newendigo

    4kids & 87 TMNT pages

    Note, I'm not expert of the series, just found some issues here and there and talked with a knowledged user (Amelia) about it. The two issues is that some pages lack any link or citation for the statistics like AP, speed and dura, while a few have a respect thread note, is better to have the...
  2. TheShieldToronto76

    87 TMNT Upgrade

    I guess we might have to make a upgrade for the 87 TMNT Credits to DoctorMooDB for this Low/Mid Toon Force????: - Can some times only fall after he realized nothing is holding him up, staying suspended for a few seconds before plummeting - Once defied gravity after being flung across a city...
  3. Gokuimhigh

    Leonardo becomes a Demon Slayer

    Leonardo vs Swamp Demon Speed equalized Both 9-B Bloodlusted Leonardo Location: Manhattan omae wa mou shindeiru
  4. Migue79

    Possible Relativistic+ TMNT (1987 Cartoon)

    Hello, everybody! I am here writing a CRT with the purpose of discussing the implementation of this feat I have calced. However, I want to start an important discussion about it, as I see it being imperative. Here is the question for discussion: Is the calc'd feat an outlier?
  5. Confussed_Oddish_After_Dark

    A Student vs A Master

    Leonardo (80's) vs Mister Satan Sparing match This battle takes place in the arena for the World Martial Arts Tournament, not in use though, more like they're letting Satan use it since he seen as the worlds savor. Leonardo is a fan of Satan but will not hold back for respect. Mister Satans...
  6. Confussed-Oddish

    Hellboy vs Leonardo (80's)

    Hellboy is 9-B Leonardo (80's) is 9-B and has bloodlust speed is equalized
  7. The_real_cal_howard

    90's Ninja Turtles Upgrade + more

    In the movie, the two sets of turtles were demonstrated to be comparable to each other, albeit the ones getting the upgrade being faar inferior in skill. Also, 4kids Shredder should be 2-C with prep. He was destroying universes as a side effect of searching for the prime universe.
  8. Notadeadguy

    The Penguins of Madagascar vs TMNT

    Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private were on a mission inside that sewer when they encounter the Ninja Turtles. Unsure of what they are Skipper and his allies get combat ready. ... Rico has access to his weapons. These are the 90s version of the Turtles. No prep Who will survive this encounter?