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kwon shi-yun

  1. Ricsi-viragosi

    Acausality for Han Jee-Han

    Very simple and very blatant, he outright states that his power exempt him from the world's causality. This is in line with it warping reality to be game-like and creating matter out of nothing (which is normally impossible to beings besides gods in-verse due to natural laws).
  2. FloweryAlex

    Ikki fights Stella lite. Ikki vs Kwon

    Kwon Shi-Yu Ikki Kurogane Both at their strongest and in-character.
  3. FloweryAlex

    Smoking Hot, literally. Yang vs Kwon

    Yang Xiao Long Kwon Shi-Yu Speed Equal 8-B Kwon
  4. Ricsi-viragosi

    Souls on fire. Asgore vs Kwon

    Well, I tought about making this for a bit, so let's, eh? Asgore Dreemurr Kwon Shi-Yu Speed unequal (Asgore should have a 1.5 speed advantage). Kwon fell down into ebott while hunting for demons, and found herself in the underground. Exept she entered from the wrong side. Kwon views Asgore...
  5. Ricsi-viragosi

    Feel the burn, Genos vs Kwon

    Genos Kwo Speed Equal 7-C forms used
  6. Ricsi-viragosi

    Robots and swole waifus, Genos vs Kwon

    Genos Kwo Speed Equal
  7. Huesito88

    Kwon Shi-Yun vs Claire Rouge (1 more votes)

    Blade dance profiles have finally been updated, so lets do a battle =P Both 8-A Speed is equal Kwon Shi-Yu: Claire Rouge: 7 (GoldenScorpions, Ricsi-viragosi, Litentric Teon, ZackMoon1234, GyroNutz, SakuraDorms, Golem Guy (Neo))
  8. Ricsi-viragosi

    The Gamer lifting strenght upgrade

    Well then, let's get this done, eh? The main reason for the upgrades will be the characters being superior to several giantic monsters. Low tiers: Scaling above the Legion Zomibe The things legs, while crouched over, are nearly twice as big as Sun-Il. It is the equivalent of a sized up peak...
  9. Ricsi-viragosi

    I hope this is fair, Tsunayoshi vs Kwon

    Tsunayoshi Sawada Kwon Shi-Yu Speed equal... isn't tecnically needed, but will be used if it gives too much of an advantage. (Its a X5 difference) Varia arc, but if somone can give me an aP and its not stomp worthy I might change that
  10. Ricsi-viragosi

    Fiery redheads, Kwon vs Stella

    Kwon Shi-Yu: 1 Stella Vermillio: Speed equal 8-A kwon High 8-C Stella They know each others AP, kwon is in a party with Han.
  11. Ricsi-viragosi

    Gamer Chapter updates revision

    So, as the gamer is an ongoing series, a new chapter comes out every week. This thread is so we don't need a new thread everytime. I will put new skills characters get and other things every chater, and remove them from the OPif accepted. Episode 49 Episode 50: Part One...
  12. Ricsi-viragosi

    The flames of youth and of the soul! Rock Lee vs Kwon

    Kwo: Rock Lee: Lee starts with two gates open Kwon starts in base but is willing to use spiritualization Speed equal
  13. Ricsi-viragosi

    kwon vs venom

    Speed equal
  14. Ricsi-viragosi

    The prodigy of a fallen clan, Kwon vs Sasuke

    The tsundere The living tool Kwon is in a party with Ha Cursed seal 2 form
  15. Litentric_Teon

    Flames of Revival (Kurome vs Kwon Shi-Yun)

    Battle takes place in a forest area, within an ID. Starting distance is 30 meters. Low 7-C forms. Speed equalized. Who wins! Kwon Shi-Yu: 2 (Risci-viragosi, Velox1r0kore) Kurome: 1 (Gargoyle One)
  16. Litentric_Teon

    Priscilla (Claymore) vs Kwon Shi-Yun (The Gamer)

    Fight takes place in the destroyed aftermath of the church of the masks headquarters. Starting distance is 30 meters. Low 7-C forms Speed is equalized. Who wins? Kwon Shi-Yu: 0 Priscilla: 7 (Ricsi-viragosi, Gargoyle One, CoreOfimBalance(COB), Monarch Laciel, ZackMoon1234, Jimboydejuan12...
  17. Ricsi-viragosi

    another gamer upgrade

    han in here has shown to be able to steal abilities permanently while the enemy is restricted, and kwon absorbed her guild leaders abilities and powers http://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/the-gamer/season-4-ep-18/viewer?title_no=88&episode_no=214
  18. Litentric_Teon

    Explosion! (Katsuki Bakugou vs Kwon Shi-Yun)

    Battle takes place in an ID Barrier that is a replica of the tournament arena where Bakugou fought Todoroki. Starting distance is 20 meters. 8-A forms. Who wins!
  19. Ricsi-viragosi

    kwon magic negation

    she says that her family ability, yeonhon flame, should negate the ability of magical protection here is a link http://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/the-gamer/season-4-ep-12/viewer?title_no=88&episode_no=208
  20. Litentric_Teon

    Icey Hair vs Fiery Hair (Gray Fullbuster vs Kwon Shi-Yun)

    Both are in their 8-A forms. Fight takes place at the grand magic games with a starting distance of 10 meters apart. Speed is equalized. Who wins! Gray Fullbuster: 3 (Blanked, Captain Torch, 9TailAcno) Kwon Shi-Yun: 7 (CoreofBalance(COB), Risci-viragosi, ZackMoon1234, Veloxt1r0kore...