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kotori itsuka

  1. ForkMorkPork

    Sans Vs Kotori (DAL) bruh this has too be good right?

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kotori_Itsuka#Civilian_form_ https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sans Speed Equalized 10 meters from each other Sans Bloodlusted 7-C Kotori used Location: Judgment hall
  2. God243

    Deku vs kotori itsuka

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Izuku_Midoriya_(Deku)_(Final_Act) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kotori_Itsuka Speed= Deku and itsuka kotori are 7A High Deku:2 Itsuka Kotori
  3. First_Witch

    High 7-A Bracket Round 8 (Kotori vs Hibari)

    Round 8 of the High 7-A Bracket beginns! The 2 fighters are Kotori and Hibari The battle takes place in a sealed off Central Park, both combatants start 20 meters apart. Kotori: Hibari: 7
  4. Schnee_One

    Kotori Itsuka vs Toshinori Yagi

    I was hesitant to make this since AM became 6C but now with High 7A on the table, this is a match I am psyched for. Speed is Equal, both at max strength. Kotori Itsuka: All Might:
  5. Schnee_One

    Kotori Itsuka vs White Queen

    Well this might be interesting, I did wonder if this version of her was able to do what the real one could not. Obv. White Queen Kurumi. Kurumi Tokisaki: 9 Kotori Itsuka:
  6. Jinsye

    Kotori Itsuka vs. Piranha Plant

    Speed is = High 7-A versions used, Piranha Plant has the spirit that gives him Death's Scythe. Who wins? Kotori Itsuka: 0 Piranha Plant: 0
  7. Maruishimaryishi

    Kotori Itsuka (Date A Live) Vs Katerea Leviathan (High School DxD)

    VS - Both 7-A - Speed Equalized - 100 Meters Away Kotori Itsuka - 7 Katerea Leviatha - 0 Inconclusive - 1
  8. Nier_Hitoshura

    Gray Fullbuster VS. Kotori Itsuka

    Key(s): In X792 Gray, and Spirit Form Kotori. Mindset: Both are In-Character. Speed?: Speed is equalized. Distance: 1km Gray: 1 (ZephyrosOmega) Kotori: Gray recieves a Chupa Chup from Kotori (Inconclusive): 1 (Ionliosite)
  9. Date A Live Revision Part 3: Tiering

    Well, the last DAL revision for long, this revision concern only the tiering, it will be easy: The 8-A Charcters from the verse become Low 7-C, Tohka and Orgami's clash has been recalculated at Low 7-C, Same for the bandersnatches , Basically, sealed Spirits are able to Fight and easily defeat...
  10. Nier_Hitoshura

    Kotori Itsuka vs. Vergil

    Both are in their 8-A versions. (Unsealed Kotori Itsuka) Both are In-character. Speed is Equalized. Kotori: 2 (Orion'sBow, ThePixelKirby) Vergil: 3 (Schnee One, Xtasyamphetamine, Kyle Ramos)
  11. Huesito88

    A fire elementalist tries to catch a fire spirit

    Battle takes place in Hawaii in front of a volcano Theme starts https://youtu.be/JYoOyqCUK08 Kotori appeared! Go! Scarlet! .... Alright that's enough of that Speed is equalized Both 8-A (Current versions for both) Claire: Kotori:
  12. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kotori Itsuka vs Ban

    Finally an first match for our imouto Kotori!!! but her first opponent is strong,welcome fox sin Ban!!! -Speed equalized -Kotori is equiped by Megiddo -Both bloodlusted (if this is bad,i will switch it to IC) -range is 50 meter -Place located in Tokyo road -Win via death!!! Kotori ...
  13. Zhaoshuais

    I want to suggest a profile page for Shidou Itsuka,

    Today I have a thread locked as Shidou Itsuka does not have profile here. https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/440458 It's clear that we know his skill and attribute,as characters from Date a Live often appears here. Yes,he may be a bit slow,but considering his ability and Regenerationn,he can...