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keishirou kyougetsu

  1. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Tenma Profile Question/Revision

    Why are the Tenma and similar beings in KKK separate profiles from their original iterations? They are the same beings, just warped over time, or reincarnated. Should the profiles not be fused into different keys? It seems like a needless complication to have them divided.
  2. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Battle for the Strongest Tier 7-A: Keishirou Kyougetsu vs Lucetta Quetzl

    May God Have Mercy on Our Souls Lucetta Quetzl vs Keishirou Kyougetsu Speed is equalised. Both are in their 7-A form. Lucetta is Perenial.
  3. Vizorus69

    Wilhelm VS Keishirou. Technically the same guy, but eh.

    Wilhelm Ehrenburg fights his own reincarnation. Both are 7-B. SBA. Tenma Kessenka version of Keishirou.
  4. ZephyrosOmega

    Keishirou Kyougetsu VS. Aleister Crowley

    This japanese dude fights some ****** abracabra-ass Speed Equalized, Keishirou and Aleister start at 7-A
  5. PaChi2

    Keishirou addition

    1-A Supernatural Luck For the guy. ALRF has de quotes. Im busy right now, they are in the Keishirou vs Homura thread and somewhere else. In his profile its stated that he can absorbe other's luck and, well, he absorbed the luck of a 1-A so this is pretty straightforward.
  6. Schnee_One

    Eine Faust Finale Ren vs Keishirou Kyougetsu

    I never did get around to making a match between these two... Let's hope it goes well, I think this isn't redundant. Speed is Equalized. Keishirou Kyougetsu: Ren Fuji:
  7. DMB_1

    Randall Flagg (W/The Black Thirteenth) vs. Keishirou Kyougetsu

    Admit it. You wanted this. Speed equalized, 8-A Randall (Yes, he has the Black Thirteenth) vs. 7-B Keishirou. Lol, High 1-B hax: 1 (DMUA) Lol, 1-A resistances: 0 The Emprah gets pissed and erases them both: 0
  8. PaChi2

    Keishirou vs Kharn

    Let's do it 5-A Khârn the Betrayer and Tenma Keishirou Kyougetsu Speed equal. Fight takes place inside The Warp. SBA
  9. PaChi2

    Medaka vs Keishirou

    Medaka Kurokami vs Tenma Keishirou Kyougetsu SBA Speed equal. Anything goes. Hax
  10. PaChi2

    Mami vs My boi

    Mami Tomoe vs Tenma Kessenka Keishirou Kyougetsu SBA Speed equal.
  11. PaChi2

    Let's bring the memes back

    Tenma Kessenka Keishirou Kyougetsu vs Ganondorf Have fun bois. SBA. Speed yada-yada Who wins? Ganondorf
  12. PaChi2

    1440 vs Keishirou

    Fite me. SCP-1440 and 7-B Tenma Keishirou Kyougetsu SBA Speed equalized.
  13. Monarch_Laciel

    Keishirou's 1-A Mind Hax resistance

    All I know is that one of the Tenmas, think it was Riza's incarnation, decided to mess with his mind, and he resisted, correct? I'd like more detail on this.
  14. PaChi2

    ALRF's surprise: Keishirou vs 682

    Tenma Keishirou Kyougetsu and SCP-682 SBA Speed equal. thoughts?
  15. PaChi2

    Nihilus vs Keishirou

    Lol. Now I wonder if this is legit. Darth Nihilus Tenma Keishirou Kyougetsu SBA Speed equalized. Huh?
  16. ALRF

    Homura Akemi vs Keishirou Kyougetsu

    Homulilly version Tenma Kessenka Keishirou Kyougetsu Speed is equalized Otherwise everything is under battle assumptions Let's rock
  17. ALRF

    An Albino thing

    I won't go in detail about this one but. ÒüñÒü¥ÒéèÒÇü ÕàêÒü«Õê║þ¬üÒü»Õ┐âÞçôÒéƵìëÒüêÒüªÒüäÒü¬ÒüäÒÇé Òü«Òü┐Òü¬ÒéëÒüÜÒüéÒéëÒéàÒéïþè¼Õïò ÞäêÒÇü µÇѵëÇÒü«õ¢ìþ¢«ÒéÆÕêæÕú½ÚâÄÒü»ÒüÜÒéëÒüùÒüªÒüäÒéïÒü«ÒüáÒÇé ÒüôÒéîÒüºÒü»ÚªûÒéÆÕêçµû¡ÒüºÒéé ÒüùÒü¬ÒüäÚÖÉÒéèÒÇü Õ┐൫║Òü¿Òü»Òü¬ÒéèÕ¥ùÒü¬ÒüäÒüáÒéìÒüå To put...