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    I propose a MASSIVE overhaul of the ninja gaiden and doa pages for existing characters as well as add a few. Let me explain. AP- Ryu hayabusa for starters should be upgraded from planet level to 2-b. We all know about the vigoor statement about how he defeated gurdu who created the universe...
  2. NoMoreTalking

    (Dead or Alive & Ninja Gaiden) Ninjas' tiering

    As Ayane canonically appeared in Ninja Gaiden and aid Ryu, this should put her to Momiji's level. Kasumi and Hayate also should be comparable to her. Lower tier fighters and other characters in DOA should not scale to this, their High 8-C tier also have zero explanation and they're need their...
  3. Leon_Help4

    Ryu Hayabusa

    "and the dark dragons who are on par with Vigoor consumed worlds in darkness" Is "consuming" worlds in darkness a valid reasoningg for planet level AP?
  4. Assembled1801

    Ryu's Lifting Strength Upgrade

    Would his lifting strength be ugraded since he can overpower a building sized demon with just a sword? Ninja Gaiden 3 - Final Boss & Ending (Spoiler) Master Ninja At 2:51 and 8:03. What do you guys think?
  5. RotofBots

    Neither "Dead or Alive" Statements

    There are quite a number of characters that have these statements so I was wondering what we categorize it as?
  6. ZephyrosOmega

    Kasumi VS Asuka (Dead Or Alive VS. Sengan Kagura)

    Base form Asuka, speed is equalized, morals on. Victory by any means. Kasumi: Asuka: Inconclusive:
  7. Professor_Voodoo

    Kasumi vs Taki

    2 ninjas from famous fighting games do battle! Who will be the last ninja standing? This is a death match The battle takes place inside a Shinto temple