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heavy king

  1. LukeChaosBlobz

    Should other Sonic characters be separated into certain eras like Sonic and buffs for certain bosses

    I'm new here, so sorry if I make any mistakes or sound stupid Characters being separated into different eras I think characters like Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Doctor Eggman and maybe Metal Sonic should be separated into ''Classic'', ''Adventure'' and ''Modern'' eras like Sonic. Since the characters...
  2. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Super Amy VS Phantom King

    Can Super Amy join the Mania gang and bully Phantom King? * SBA (Battle takes place in Egg Reverie Zone, Both are Low 2-C, Speed is equal) * Win by any means * Pink Hedgehog: * Ruby Robot: * Incon:
  3. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Minor Phantom King CRT

    A pretty straightforward CRT Since the Phantom King is fused with the real Phantom Ruby and uses the full extent of its powers, it should logically get all the powers that Infinite possesses to a much greater degree due to Phantom King being powered by the real ruby rather than a mere prototype...
  4. Maverick_Zero_X

    Phantom Ruby addition

    The Phantom Ruby can create portals leading to separate dimensions, warranting Dimensional Travel. Entered Sonic's world via a dimensional breach Warped Classic Sonic to Modern Sonic's world by "breaking the boundaries of dimensions". Created a gateway to Null Space, which is described as...
  5. BlastX

    Phantom King CRT

    Quick thing but shouldn't the Phantom King have all of Infinite's powers cause they're powered by the same power source? He obviously doesn't use them in character though.
  6. Lord_JJJ

    Sanae finally found a robot (Grace)

    Both are Low 2c and Speed is equal fight take place in Youkai mountain, gives Sanae home place adventage Sanae Kochiya : 7 Phantom King :
  7. Lord_JJJ

    Heavy King VS Mecha Sonic (4-2-0)

    Base are used for Both and speed is unequalised Mecha Sonic : 2 Heavy King : 5
  8. ShadowWarrior1999

    Phantom Ruby revisions

    So, the Phantom Ruby profile has some issues and I'm here to fix it, and by extension it affects characters that scale to it. Upgrade to Low 2-C Currently, the Phantom Ruby is rated 5-A max as the Phantom King can fight Super Sonic. However, the Phantom Ruby has created both the Egg Reverie...
  9. The_Smashor

    Classic Sonic Revisions

    Why is classic Super Sonic 5-A for fighting a 4-A? Who did this and why? Yes I know he still has 4-A bit but his explanation for 5-A is fighting Phantom King, who is 4-A. Also, Classic Eggman's machines that can fight Super Sonic don't scale to the 4-A. There are SEVERAL problems here I don't...
  10. The_Smashor

    Sonic revisions

    A few things. A: Sonic Mania. According to Sonic Forces, Sonic from Sonic Mania is from an alternate dimention. I don't understand it either, but in this game he also fight moden enemies, unlike in Sonic Generations where he, I mean the other classic sonic (Sonic Forces me to get splitting...
  11. KarmodF

    Classic Super Sonic, Time Eater and Dark Gaia revision.

    Pretty much Copy and paste from the post I made in Matthew's wall: -Time Eater is capable of putting a serious fight against Serious Classic and Modern Sonic in both Super Forms, and he is only Low 2-C instead of 2-C, this would scale to Eggman. -Classic Super Sonic and (possibly) Heavy King...