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haku (naruto)

  1. UchihaSlayer96

    Not yet, Sparkle, not yet....(Naruto: Part I Speed Revision)

    Hello everyone! In case you couldn't tell by the title, this will officially mark the beginning of the Verse wide Naruto Speed Revisions. This moment has eluded us for the better part of five years, but it's finally upon us. So strap in, grab your popcorn, and let's do this! This will be...
  2. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Naruto VS Haku

    "Jinchūriki" Naruto Uzumaki VS "Missing Nin" Haku Starting Distance: 3m Both in-character Akatsuki Suppression Mission to Fated Battle Between Brothers Naruto Kyūbi Influence restricted | Alive Haku LOCATION: Naruto: 7 (@Kin201, @Apollonir.Scale, @That_moron2, @MinatoSparkle, @MintyBoi1...
  3. The_Pink_God

    Mash vs Haku

    10 meters Speed equalized Maria Lumpus Arc Mash and alive Haku are going to be used https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Haku_(Naruto) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mash_Burnedead
  4. SageF

    Haku CRT² [Unfinished]

    Classification: Human, Ninja, Kekkei Genkai Shinobi, Missing Nin, Edo Tensei Zombie Powers and Abilities: possibly Afterimage Creation Ice Manipulation (Can create ice mirrors which he can use for various offensive and defensive purposes) Minor Perception Manipulation and Minor Light...
  5. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Haku CRT, Part 2

    Hello, here to clarify some things on Haku’s light-speed statistic, and how it should be tighter and stricter. Before I get into this thread: Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to argue Haku is inferior to any party during the events of the Land of Waves, bar Kyuubi Chakra Influence...
  6. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Haku CRT

    Just here to revise one of my favorite characters in the series, picking up off the last CRT, where the days of light speed hyperbole are finally gone. Haku should be solid 7-C. • Zabuza grossly overpowers Kakashi, even after he pulls out his Sharingan. (Naruto, Chapter 13.) • Naruto even...
  7. LordTracer

    Part I Revisions (Haku, Neji, Naruto), and Tobirama was there too

    Haku and KN0 Naruto’s scaling was discussed here, and the majority of people agreed to it. However, I’ll list the scans again just so they can be easily referenced. Haku Zabuza claims that even if Kakashi beats him, he can’t beat Haku. He held back against Naruto and Sasuke. Defends himself...
  8. Lightstar619

    Kenshin Himura Vs Haku

    Speed is unequalized Battle takes place on Great Naruto Bridge To win is by either knocking each other out unconsciously Both are at 8-B Kenshin: Haku: Inconclusive:
  9. SageF

    Haku minor ability upgrade

    Heat Manipulation: (Haku can quickly freeze the surrounding air and create an icy, transparent igloo-like dome around himself and/or allies to act as a defence.)
  10. LordTracer

    Haku Upgrade

    During the Land of Waves arc, Haku was stated by both Zabuza and Sasuke to not be going all-out or using his full power. So Sasuke and Naruto being capable of reacting to him or damaging him aren't really strikes against him, as he wasn't going all out. However, in the War Arc, Haku was not...
  11. SageF

    Haku new update. [RE-EDITED]

    Haku new display abilities with actual proof. - Limited Weather Manipulation >>> [1] - Portal Creation only with mirrors and reflective surfaces. >>>[2] - Limited Illusion Creation >>> [3] Edo Tensei - Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3 and 7), Inorganic Physiology (Type 1), Self-Sustenance (Types...
  12. SupremeGilgamesh

    Haku speed

    Why can't have his lightspeed? Nobody ever reacted to him
  13. Lilmo33

    Why is Haku so low???

    I've never understood why he's been called a 'rival' to Sasuke on this wiki unironically with everything that came after the scene that was said in lol. He's stronger than Zabuza / Kakashi and proves that he's waaaaaaaaaaaaay above that level in the War Arc, so...?
  14. SageF

    Naruto: Haku new upgrade?

    I like to add these power to Haku stats. Danmaku via Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death, As such, any attacks he makes from these mirrors - usually rapid volleys of thrown senbo - can overwhelm opponents, seemingly coming from every mirror at once. Resistance [1] to Kid Sasuke Fire...
  15. Jiangshi1

    Little Red Ice - LRRHM vs Haku (Lob Corp vs Naruto)

    Ruby Rose Alter vs Best Boy of Pt 1 -Speed Equalized, both starting at least 7 meters, no prior knowledge, and both are willing to kill -Location: Abandoned Warehouse -Land of Waves Haku
  16. Dargoo_Faust

    8-B Brackets Round 26

    Twenty-sixth round of the 8-B Brackets Begins! Winner of the last round was Skull boyo. The winner of this round will progress to the semifinals. Current Standings Hub The contenders for this round are the Rin (Senran Kagura), submitted by Arrogant Schmuck, and Haku, submitted by Lorenzo...
  17. Dargoo_Faust

    8-B Brackets Round 7

    Seventh round of the 8-B Brackets Begins! The winner of the last round was Fury. Current Standings Hub The contenders for this round are the Colossus (X-Men Film Series), submitted by Zark2099, and Haku, submitted by Lorenzo. Speed is not equal. Non-Edo Haku is used, battle takes place in...
  18. KingEzran

    Alive Haku vs Part II Konohamaru

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2 meters -Win via death Votes: Haku: 0 Konohamaru: 0
  19. ZackMoon1234

    Haku's 8-B Statistic (Concluded)

    "Attack Potency: Large Building level (Should be at least comparable to a mid-level Genin such as Chunin Exams Shikamaru Nara or Choji Akimichi) to City Block level (Was stated by Zabuza to be "a rival" to Sasuke, who was this strong with his Fire Release)" How come this calc was used to...
  20. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Boruto vs. Haku

    Time for Boruto to show if he can do something his daddy and sensei at their weakest couldn't. The fight takes place in the outskirts of Konoha. This is Post Shojoji fight Boruto. Who wins? Note: In case anyone asks, Boruto can use his seal, and Haku is allowed access to his Demonic Ice...
  21. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Orochimaru and Haku?

    Binge watching Naruto again right now and it got me thinking. Haku is one of the special ones in Naruto for having a unique Kekkei-Genkai like Sasuke does with his Sharingan. Hypothetically, instead of Sasuke, what if Orochimaru somehow became interested in Haku and managed to draw him to him...
  22. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Possible Haku Upgrade

    Im not pushing too much for this to be accepted, so i'll just cut right to the chase. Haku was outright stated to be stronger than the likes of Kakashi, even by Kakashi himself. These other occasions support this as well. At the very absolute least, Zabuza if nothing else, who can match Kakashi...
  23. YungManzi

    Kurapika Vs. Haku

    Kurapika Vs. Haku Rules: 1. Speed is equal. 2. Edo tensei version of Haku. 3. Chain Jail and Judgement Chain can be used. 4. Both have knowledge of the others abilities. 5. Takes place in the probending arena. 6. Can win by death, incapacitation, or ring-out. This is where it takes place.
  24. ProfessorKukui4Life

    About Haku and his Ice Mirrors (NEW)

    The whole Madara Light Fang stuff very much derailed the Haku discussion so, to keep it separate and stable, im making this thread to take the Haku stuff here. And to try and debunk something. Okay. SO my thoughts about the whole Haku stuff with his mirrors being lightspeed...and it being an...
  25. LordGriffin1000

    Lightspeed in Naruto!!!!!!!?

    Yeah yeah, I know "What!, LordGriffin is making a Naruto thread!!!". So given my Databook/WoG Statements thread is done and it was agreed that we can accept such statements so long as it doesn't mess with anything, story, scaling and all that. So to get this moving there are two things that...
  26. YungManzi

    Haku Vs. Todoroki

    Both are at their strongest. Haku Vs. Shouto Todoroki Speed is equal.
  27. Zezu1995

    Hakus mirror speed.

    We got a big issue... soo in english dub it turns out haku states mirrors make him light speed... soo what do we do about that now? link below skip to 1 min http://ww3.****************/watch/naruto-episode-15-english-dubbed/
  28. BraginskiBackup

    Katara (Avatar) vs Haku (Naruto)

    Fight where Naruto and Sauske fought Naruto (with a nearby water source) In character Win by Incapacitation or KO 9B versions Basic intel/1 hour prep No blood bending Start 50 ft apart Speed equalized