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god of death

  1. JohnCenaNation

    Seals Lifted Kenshiro vs The God of High School Mori

    Synopsis: You know? My previous battle thread between Keshiro and Saitama didn't got out well because despite the new gains Saitama got, he is still considered too much of a brick to beat Kenshiro in a fight. Same with Goku, because Goku is too much of a brick to beat Mori in a fight despite...
  2. Knowzn

    Assassination Classroom verse-wide revisions part 2; Overused boogaloo joke

    This one should be fairly quick compared to first one. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Knowzn/sandbox Profile remakes for Koro and God of Death who will be Reaper from now on (because that's how official translations translated it which sucks, I like God of Death far more and is more...
  3. Knowzn

    Assassination Classroom verse-wide revisions

    Hello everyone, aim of this crt is revising Assassination Classroom profiles 'cuz they are heavily outdated. This is my first crt and my first post on this site for that matter so, I apologize if I make any mistakes. There will probably also be a huge amount of grammar mistakes just ignore them...
  4. Dargoo_Faust

    Tang Hye vs. God of Death (Tournament of Blood - Round 8)

    Taking over First Witch's takeover of Zark's bracket, skipping the dead round on the justification that Shredder was missing a large amount of equipment on his profile that was being used to debate him. The Characters: God of Death (Assassination Classroom), submitted by @Andytrenom and Tang...
  5. Creaturemaster971

    Assassination Classroom additions

    Just some additional feats, information, and minor changes that I think should be added to the characters' pages as justifications/qualifications for their skills and strength. All top-tier characters should have Extraordinary Genius intelligence, Information Analysis, and Accelerated...
  6. Creaturemaster971

    God of Death abilities

    Attempting to rectify an earlier mistake I made. Would the God of Death have Morality and Empathic Manipulation as abilities? Considering that he manipulated Irina into joining his side by exploiting her regret and need for a compatriot? Would also apply to human Korosensei, as his teacher and...
  7. OmniTops

    Korosensei Possible Upgrades

    Korosensei should have a physical AP building level or city block level, since he could destroy the entire building in which he was imprisoned next to a couple of buildings that were nearby. Its durability should also be building level or city block level since it has withstood several...
  8. Creaturemaster971

    God of Death vs Winter Soldier

    What happens when one inescapable assassin goes head to head with another? Round 1: No prep time. Fight takes place on a dark street with dim lighting. Starting distance of 7 meters. Each fighter starts with a combat knife in hand and a handgun holstered at their waist. Round 2: The...