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  1. Kennithball97

    Doctor Wily VS Giovanni: Total War

    Okay, this one might be a miss-match, simply because I don't have the patience to go over... let's say "The Arsenals" This is Doctor Wily and all the robot masters (Up to Mega Man 11 just in case another game comes out, and there are a lot BTW) VS Giovanni and all of his Pokemon (and there...
  2. StrymULTRA

    Relativistic+ Reactions for Pokémon Trainers

    There are tons of feats of where the Trainers can dodge attacks from Relativistic+ Pokémon so consistentely that it can't be called an outlier, like: Red dodging Thu-Fi-Zer Red avoids Golem Red reacts to Hitmonchan Red avoids Dragonite's attacks Green reacts to Xatu Blue and Silver dodge...
  3. TheArsenal1212

    A Crime Boss against A War Hero (But probably not what you would expect)

    So, Colonel Robert Hoga has a draw with Lt. Surge. Now I wanna pit him up against a Crime Boss and see if things are different Speed is = First key Hogan Straight up fist fight HH: 0 Pokemon: 0 Inconclusive/Draw: 0
  4. PaChi2

    Lysandre vs Giovanni

    Yveltal Lysandre vs X Mega Mewtwo Giovanni 5-B for both. Thoughts?
  5. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Which of these two is one of the leaders of strongest and almost successful organizations of Pokémon?

    Giovanni (Pokémon Team Gen 7) vs Ghetsis (With Black Kyurem) Note: Giovanni's Mewtwo is with Mewtwonite X Speed Unequalized Localization: Mt. Silver Rainbow and Team Rocket leader: Team Plasma leader in BW: Inconclusive:
  6. The_real_cal_howard

    Ultra Pokémon Discussion Thread (Discussion thread 7)

    Get it? Gen VII, and around the time of US/UM? Meanwhile, Team Rocket has never been more FABULOUS (Insert appropriate image here)