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freedom planet

  1. Bobsican

    Freedom Planet Tier 5 Upgrade

    I may as well bother bringing this up as Freedom Planet 2 released a few months ago and I finally got to play it. Besides major spoilers, Bakunawa is an spaceship that can consume planets to then make fuel for intergalactic travel, anyways, Lilac and company can withstand the laser used for...
  2. InfiniteGalaxyStones

    How strong is The Freedom Planet 2 Cast?

    Since the vs battle wiki hasn't updated the Freedom Planet roster in terms of scailing how strong are the new villains and the recurring characters in Freedom Planet 2. (New and Returning Characters)
  3. Kflare63

    Hank j wimbleton vs Sash Lilac

    •Speed equalized • mc 4-mc 9.5 hank is used •hank will have his dragon sword and an empty pistol • lilac will have access to all of her shields (except invulnerability) •they will start around 10 feet from eachother •battle will take place in the royal palace (freedom planet) Nevadian...
  4. Coolboy6

    Sonic fights a female version based off himself

    Sonic (SATM) vs Sash Lilac Both in base with full equipment, speed equalized Sonic: Sash Lilac:
  5. Psychomaster35

    (GRACE) A purple water kunoichi fights a half-water dragon

    Its time to test out a new profile of mine. Speed is equalized, both are 9-A, and both have all of their equipment. Battle is in front of the Maximus Institute, and they are 10 meters away from each other. Who wins? Kunoichi: 7 (Maverick Zero X, Ionliosite, Ned the outer god, Ari64-SP, I'm...
  6. BlastX

    Sash VS Undyne

    This is fair it seems. Battle takes place in the bridge where the Undying fight happens, Undyne is in her base form. Dragon Heroine:0 Fish Heroine:2 Tie:0
  7. BlastX

    Sash VS Beck

    Meh indie characters that are inspired by another old characters Battle takes place in a city in Beck's world Basically Sonic: Basically Rock: Draw:
  8. BlastX

    The weakest Sonic VS Sash Lilac

    This is finally possible. Base 93 Sonic VS FP1 Sash Lilac. Battle takes place at White Space. Sonic:3 Lilac:1 Draw:0
  9. BlastX

    Freedom Planet CRT

    Some of you may know what this is about... As of now the FP verse is rated 8-C because...Lilac fought a big Dragon and stuff that collapsed parts of buildings it seems. There's no actual proof or feat that puts them in this level, there was an actual calculations that put them in 8-C+ or 8-A...
  10. BlastX

    Sonic VS Lilac

    Blue Rat VS Purple Lizard. Takes place in White Space. Mario's "rival": Overrated Sonic wannabe: They **** each other:
  11. Buttersamuri

    Naughty Bear vs Sash Lilac

    Naughty bear vs Sash Lilac in a fight cause why not. She could use another fight. Let's get into it. It's very complicated. SBA Now that this is covered. Who wins and why? Naughty Bear: Sash Lilac: Inconclusive/Draw:
  12. Hitty_Smityu

    Carol vs Carol

    Captain Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs Carol Tea 8-C versions used Speed equalized
  13. Junkoposter

    4th of July!

  14. Ionliosite

    Lux vs. Sash Lilac

    Lux Arcadia vs. Sash Lilac Speed equalized Both 8-C They start 100 meters apart All other SBA Who wins and why?
  15. Bobsican

    Spade Vs. Ursa (RWBY)

    Both at 8-C, speed equalized The Panda The Antro Panda Hah!
  16. BlastX

    Freedom Planet character portraits

    Shouldn't the characters have portraits of ther FP1 selves as well? Since they only have their FP2 selves as their only portrait (except Spade...even though he does have a FP2 redesign). I hope i ain't being annoying with this.
  17. Awsometime

    Lilac Durability Calc for Evaluation

    i completed a calculation for Lilac's durability and was told to put it in this category. Here is the thread with the calc: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2892486#3 To summarize, it calcs Lilac's durability based on her fight with absolution.
  18. Awsometime

    Lilac's Durability Calculation

    I've finished a calc for Lilac's durability based on her fight with Absolution. This calc provides a solid number as to how far into 8-C Lilac is, and also scales to Brevon, Milla, Carol, etc. Calculations for the volume of Absolution using pixel counting: Brevon's "Absolution" ship's...
  19. BlastX

    How strong in terms of AP are the FP characters?

    I'm curious, are they baseline or higher up in the 8-C tier?
  20. Bobsican

    Carol Tea Vs. Garfield

    Doing this while I can Both at 8-C, speed equalized. The Alien Cat: 0 The Fat Cat: 1 (Iapitus The Impaler) Incon: 0 I hate mondays! Come on!
  21. Bobsican

    Madeline Vs. Spade

    Odd match, but both come from some of my favorite indie games. Both at 8-C, speed equalized, Spade doesn´t have shield crystals. The panda prince The mountain adventurer Hah! I have my reasons...
  22. Starter_Pack

    Sash Lilac vs. Chelshia (A Mythological Showdown) (Voting Completed)

    When creating a game, especially if you're an indie game developer, you need to have unique characters with unique designs. Whether it be a masked bug warrior, an animatronic bear, or even an anthropomorphic cup, it pays to be original, especially with your primary character. And one of the...
  23. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kihara Kagun vs Sash Lilac

    A fight that should be happen in Bracket lel, f*** you Dolphi Alright, let's see how good this fight, who would win!!? -Speed are equalized -Victory-lusted: ON for them -Place: Norwegia -Range: 50 meters -Win via death!!! VS Kihara Kagu: 0 Sash Lilac: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  24. The_Smashor

    8-C Haxless Bracket Round 3: Ecco the Dolphin vs Sash Lilac

    Bracket: https://challonge.com/kht5c7mu Rules: Speed Equalized. Battle takes place with Sash on a small island and Ecco in the ocean around it. Sash Lilac: Ecco the Dolphi: 4 (Jackythejack, Antoniofer, Dargoo Faust, Iapitus The Impaler) Inconclusive:
  25. Bobsican

    Spade Vs. Copen

    This match is soooooooo fitting I even bothered to make a profile for Spade so this can be done. Both at 8-C, speed equalized, Copen has no Prevasion. The edgy white-haired Sonic OC The edgy white-haired Mega Man OC Hah! Really?
  26. Bobsican

    Freedom Planet revisions

    - Lilac should have Ice Manipulation in her profile via this (she can also use it without that thing if she´s annoyed enought or bloodlusted ) - Potential resistance to Lilac to Fire, Energy and sharp attacks (via the shields), also applicable to Carol and Milla. - Sub-relativistic speed and...
  27. Bobsican

    Sonic (IDW) Vs. Sash Lilac

    Let´s see how well the hedgehog can deal against his OC Both at 8-C, speed not equalized. The dragon girl The blue hedgehog Come on, step it up! Let's show this (blue) maniac how to save a world!
  28. Starter_Pack

    Sash Lilac vs. Tenya Iida (Battle of the Lesser Speedsters) (Voting Completed)

    Woo! I finally made it to 1,000 edits! Normally, I'd be all formal for these kinds of versus debates, but since this is a bit of a celebration for me, I just wanna hang back and go with the flow this time around. Anyway, this is a battle between a character I've been dying to give a chance in...
  29. Bobsican

    Gunvolt Vs. Sash Lilac

    The Sonic OC has to fight the Mega Man OC Speed equalized, both at base (Prevasion restricted for Gunvolt), Lilac starts with Metal Shield. Lilac the Drago The Blue Adept Votes so far: GV: 2 (Smashtwig, SilverBlaze109) Lilac: 0 They get in Smash Bros: 0 I´ll show you! I AM electricity
  30. SinFrog

    Ochako Uraraka vs Carol Tea

    Ochako of My Hero Acadamia versus Carol Tea of Freedom Planet, two heroes of similar stats but incredibly different orgin, who can come out on top? OCHAKO: CAROL: Standard Battle Assumptions Speed is equalized.
  31. Minecraftlover67

    Sonic the Hedgehog vs Sash Lilac

    - Battle takes place on earth - Speed equalized - Sonic cannot use his Super forms - Let the battle begin