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forcefield creation

  1. Arnoldstone18

    Force Field can resist gravity manipulation right?

    If so, would it be up to who has the more lifting strength?
  2. Chaos Jester25

    Power Nullification and Forcefield Creation question

    If character A used a Power Nullifying attack and character B created a barrier to block it, would character A's attacks nullify character B's forcefield or would character B's forcefield block it like any other attack?
  3. Confluctor

    Small change to forcefield creation page

    Forcefield Creation page is pretty dry, so I thought adding a few things will make it better. I mean it's fine the way it is, it does its job well, but I think adding a bit won't hurt. My proposed changes;
  4. Garchomp777

    What resistance is this

    Here. I know its forcefields, but what resistances? I was thinking resistance to durability negation since it can block infinitely sharp edges that are 2D. Also what ability is interacting with lower dimensional stuff
  5. NoMoreTalking

    A very small additions to the Doctor

    Prep time: The Doctor easily built a forcefield generator out of junk, and can set it to kill the target who touch the forcefield. He's been doing this (closes the forcefield up around the creature to kill it) throughout this story, and succeeded in the end. (The Fearmonger Part 2, Track 2, the...
  6. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Forcefield/Barrier Restriction Question

    So....i just wondering, can we restrict forcefield/barrier for fairer matches? Like i know there is angels and evangelions from NGE who can be restricted their A.T Field, however how about the other verse's? Like it just NGE who are special with their forcefield or we can do that to the other...
  7. Pepper14832

    How strong is a force field if no given information?

    I was told glass. The force field doesn't allow space ships to go through it.
  8. Dargoo_Faust

    Aura in RWBY Revision

    So, a while ago Weekly and I had a chat on Aura, and I somehow actually agreed with him on the whole 'healthbar' thing. I think we've been disagreeing with him on this mainly because of the phrasing, and how Aura functions is sort of weird with how we treat stuff like chip damage. Characters...
  9. Wokistan

    Forcefield default assumptions

    So, in this thread emerged the topic of whether or not forcefields can be assumed to be airtight by default, especially when the character using them still needs to breathe. Do we say that forcefields act as air filtration systems? Do we allow gaseous attacks to pass through due to this...
  10. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    What ability is this OwO

    Not sorry for the title. There's this guy called Dark Seer (edgy, i know) who can do this with his Wall of Replica ability that has the ability Illusion Creation, but the bolded text confuses me on what ability can do this: The Dark Seer, while unable to return to his natural realm, can...
  11. PrettyFearMachine

    "Stone Wall" category

    In case you don't know, Stone Wall is a type of character whose defense is far greater than their offense. In terms of VS Battles Wiki, this would mean that Durability of these characters is way above their Attack Potency. In short, this is an opposite term for Glass Canno. Here are the...