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Small change to forcefield creation page

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VS Battles
Forcefield Creation page is pretty dry, so I thought adding a few things will make it better. I mean it's fine the way it is, it does its job well, but I think adding a bit won't hurt.

My proposed changes;
The ability to make forcefields (also known as barriers) to protect the user and/or their allies from physical, energy, and incorporeal attacks. Some characters can use barriers for other purposes, such as opening them up within their opponents to kill them, or trapping their opponents inside the barrier and then crushing them, or even trapping incorporeal entities within it. Forcefields can also be used to contain explosions, move objects/people around, and can be used to attack people in various ways, such as forcefield blasts. Certain characters can also use this ability to create a soundproof wall around them so they cannot be heard by others.

In addition, Forcefields can be used deflect/reflect certain forms of attacks, and create constructs, such as platforms to run upon mid-air.

As potent as forcefields are, they are likely to be ignored by certain durability negating attacks.

Forcefield Creation can be attained through various means, such as advanced technology, telekinesis, magic, energy manipulation/projection, and matter manipulation.
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Looks good, but I think it should be noted that some Forcefields in fiction can also protect against/trap non-physical entities. The barriers in Naruto come to mind as an example, since they can be used to trap spirits and ghosts, as well as physical entities.
I'm sure there are many similar examples across fiction, and probably more specialized applications as well, such as keeping out/protecting against certain haxes or abilities.
Could also be added that some characters can use forcefields as platforms to run for the sky and do acrobatics? While there exist the platform creation page, some characters have abilities that specifically just can create platform (first example I can think is Nagumo Hajime) and others that when needed use actual barriers in said way, for example Kouki Amanogawa:
Just before both sides crossed each other, Kouki created a simple barrier in midair using light element elementary magic. Using that barrier as a foothold, he changed his trajectory midair. At the same time, he swung his holy sword in a circle arc.
If any of you can think of limitations or any other uses, lemme know. There are tons but my mind is running empty rn lol
If any of you can think of limitations or any other uses, lemme know. There are tons but my mind is running empty rn lol
The limitations I can think would be:
  • Some users could need certain amount of time to make forcefields. (this one could be added to the fourth one or just ignored)
  • Some users can only make one forcefield each time while others can make various at the same time.
  • Some forcefields can only block certain things while others elements could be able to go through them without problem, for example a barrier that block magical attacks but not physical ones or vice versa.
The wording should be changed but the idea is there.
To me this seems fine to apply.
I have done so. Tell me here when you are done.
Okay. Should we close this thread as well?
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