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Forcefield default assumptions


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So, in this thread emerged the topic of whether or not forcefields can be assumed to be airtight by default, especially when the character using them still needs to breathe. Do we say that forcefields act as air filtration systems? Do we allow gaseous attacks to pass through due to this inconsistency? Do we treat it as reasoning that said character does not require oxygen? What should we take as the default?

Personally, I think gas should permeate full body forcefields used by characters who need to breathe that have no further explanations or justifications to their names, but feel free to express your disagreement. Remember that this is for default assumptions, and forcefields and characters that are more specific can still defy whatever is decided here.
If a forcefield surrounding your body was airtight, you wouldn't be able to breath

Shields, especially aura, do no stop air poisoning
For the most part forcefields that are 'bubble shields' are usually treated as being airtight but allowing the user to breathe unless explicitly shown otherwise
@Schnee Too bad fiction doesnt care about you not being able to breathe in an airtight forcefield

No one is arguing aura is airtight
Wokistan said:
Personally, I think gas should permeate full body forcefields used by characters who need to breathe that have no further explanations or justifications to their names
Agree with the OP to an extent on this matter, but I also feel this should be a case by case analysis. Fiction tends to be odd and takes pleasure at laughing at the physical laws of the universe so I don't think it's illogical that such shields exist that somehow allows characters who need to breathe, to survive within it while being air tight. I think the rule shouldn't be a general rule applied uncompromisingly- I'd suggest that we should only apply this rule until we are given solid evidence of the shield somehow being both air tight and allowing those within it to breathe.
Got anyone in mind to ask for a contribution from?
I don't think a highlight is needed, otherwise I would have done that and gotten yelled at for improper highlight

Ik admins usually do this stuff, I was wondering if you had specific people in mind.
Kalt, Ryu, DarkDragon, and Dargoo maybe? Seeing as this is an issue that began with RWBY? Other than that im not exactly sure who would be the right people to ask
I also agree with Kaltias and Weekly.
If this is about whether gaseous attacks can permeate the forcefield, based only on whether a character can breathe or not, I think it's better to treat it as the author not necessarily caring about the implication of a forcefield blocking the entry of air rather than this being a legitimate weakness for the forcefield.

Take note that I'm only talking about forcefields that behave similarly as a solid wall between the character and his environment.
Yes, it is just a plot convenience.
So wait

Wouldn't this mean Steven's bubble could cause him to run out of air/and is airtight as it was explicitly mentioned by Connie and he even passed out inside of it while in space while breathing irregularly?
Well if he specifically ran out of air that would actually be consistent with the idea of being airtight. I believe what people are leaning towards is not considering the breathing issue unless the fiction does, but allowing it to stop gas if that's a thing they do.