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elizabeth (persona)

  1. Expectro2000xxx

    I know your voice... (Elizabeth vs Artemis)

    It's true that there are more characters in Persona than Ren, and as someone who actually saw the rest of the games, I should try figths with the rest of the cast, this will be the first fight in that regard, hope go fine. Both at their peak, speed equalized. Absolute Best Girl by far: 0 vs...
  2. Allmightochondria

    Elizabeth VS Jack-O Valentine.

    Ultimax Elizabeth vs Jack-O Valentine Speed equal. Who wins and why? Elizabeth: Jack-O:
  3. Ted_Ed

    Elizabeth vs Aigis

    since Aigis is technically the second P3 Protagonist, lets see if she can easure up to Minato. P3 Elizabeth vs Post-Game (The Answer/P4AU) Aigis Aigis can use her orgia forms and has the fool card.
  4. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Best Girl's Celebration into Cross Tag (ONE MORE VOTE)

    Elevators and Boundaries, let's see who comes on top. Elizabeth (Persona): Yukari Yakumo: Both Low 2-C. Speed equalized. Death or incap. Elizabeth is P4 Arena/Ultimax.
  5. HST_Master

    Lavenza's told me a lot about you: Elizabeth vs Akira Kurusu

    Jokers fought the little sister, what about the bigger sister? Pre-Satanael Akira Speed Unequal Battle in Monad Elizabeth: Joker:
  6. ZephyrosOmega

    Persona 3 + 4 Upgrades and Revisions.

    Boy oh boy, here we go. Ok, so it's come to my attention, and the attention of others on the wiki, that the persona 3 and 4 pages need some serious upgrades. So let's begin. PERSONA 4 ARENA: UPGRADES Take Igor's attendants, Elizabeth and Margaret. Two high 6-A, Sub-Relativistic (with...
  7. Jinsye

    Terrarian vs. Elizabeth (Persona)

    So I was deciding from either Yu or Margaret, but then I realized, I like Elizabeth alot more. Terrarian has Adamantite Gear and lower. Fight takes place in the Persona 5's Velvet Room. Speed Equalized. Who wins? Elizabeth (Persona): 0 Terraria: 0