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elfman strauss

  1. Eseseso

    Chopper vs Elfman: Beast of a Man vs Man of a Beast

    X791 Tartaros Arc Elfman Strauss vs Beginning of Timeskip Chopper Elfman scales >= 358.6 megatons in base, and scales far above 1.06 gigatons in Beast Soul (via one-shotting Etherious form Seilah, who stomped and two-shot Satan Soul Sitri Mirajane, who is far above her normal Satan Soul, which...
  2. Eseseso

    X793 Pre-Elentear FDKM Natsu downgrade (plus some other X793 revisions)

    1. Ok, so X793 Pre-Elentear FDKM Natsu currently scales to 1.38 yottatons due to being "comparable to Strongest Armors Erza and Base Laxus", as Laxus scales to 1.38 yottatons (via backscaling) and Strongest Armors Erza obviously scales since she fought and matched him. However, I have some...
  3. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: X791 Revisions... Again

    Lamy should not be scaling to Lucy at all after looking more into the scaling For one, her one feat of scaling is all about attacking and hurting Saggitarius, who is no tank and isn't notably one of Lucy's stronger spirits, he's very low-end strength wise. And Base Elfman is casually taking out...
  4. PrettyVixenGirl

    Low 6-B for more characters and discussing Madmole

    Alright so Madmole is the only character to get Low 6-B and in durability except for blatantly stronger characters like laxus getting low 6-B in general. I don't think thats exactly accurate. At least if you don't scale other characters. Madmole represents a hard surface. If I punch something...
  5. Eseseso

    Possible Addition to X793 Mirajane and Elfman's write-ups

    This isn't as much a discussion of power as much as it is a discussion of something that fits within power-scaling and can be added to X793 Mirajane and X793 Elfman's write-ups. So when the 2 of them fight Lucy and her spirits (Loki and Virgo), it's pretty clear that Mirajane stomps Virgo, and...
  6. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Elfman VS Sabrewulf

    Elfman (Fairy Tail) VS Sabrewulf (Killer Instinct) Both are 6-C (X793 Elfman and Current Timeline Sabrewulf is used here) Speed Equalized Elfman: Sabrewulf: Inconclusive:
  7. DastardlyDeirdre

    Downgrade Elfman

    "Fought and matched Madmole" No. He failed to even scratch the latter, and he matched nothing. Madmole just has very little offensive power, being a defensive fighter, so Elfman didn't take too much damage (tough was still pushed out of his Take-Over). Elfman is High-7A at the very best, never...
  8. OneBleachHurricane

    Elfman Strauss VS Thanos (MCU) 06-00-00

    7-B Keys Thanos with only Double-Bladed Sword Speed Equalized Distance: 100 Meters apart Location: GMG Arena Strauss: AnonymousBlank, ShadowGun45, Ionliosite, DragonEmperor23, Zackra1799, 1997KD Thanos:
  9. WatchdogMan101

    Elfman (Fairy Tail) vs Iskandar (Rider)

    Speed equalized Both at 7A
  10. Jinx666

    Battle of the Real Men! Eijirou Kirishima vs Elfman Strauss

    Who wins out of these manly men Speed is Equalized Elfman is Pre-Timeskip and cannot Full Body Takeover Kirishima is current manga, but cannot go Red Riot Unbreakable
  11. TheDudeMcDude

    Franky (One Piece) VS. Elfman (Fairy Tail)

    7-B versions. Speed equalized, Franky has the Shogun. Which manly man wins this?
  12. The_real_cal_howard

    Elfman Strauss vs Mega Abomasnow

    Big burly fighters take each other on. Standard battle assumptions in place. They don't have to kill if they don't want to (I really like both of them :P). Speed equalized.
  13. ScarletFirefly

    Chad (Bleach) VS Elfman (Fairy Tail)

    Battle of the weird arms. Current Chad: Pre-Timeskip Elfman in Full Body Takeover: Speed Equalized
  14. Zelly1996

    Vetto Vs Elfman Location:hidden leave village

    Vetto Vs Elfman