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eldrad ulthran

  1. FanSyst

    Eldrad Ulthran: Life and Death Manipulation Removal

    Eldrad should not have access to the Revenant discipline, in the codex he is not even attributed as belonging to the Ynnari faction.
  2. PaChi2

    Eldrad vs Ahzek Ahriman

    Eldrad Ulthra Ahzek Ahrima SBA Speed yada
  3. FanSyst

    Eldrad Ulthran vs Future Trunks (Xeno)

    Trunks 4-A -Speed equalized
  4. FanSyst

    Farseers: Is this manipulation of causality?

    Temporal Exile: "A Farseer's abilities are focused tightly upon his knack for manipulating the skeins of fate. One who becomes particularly adept at these techniques may directly influence how another's strands are interwoven into the webwork of the galaxy. Using his psychic abilities, the...
  5. PaChi2

    Wot is smol Eldrad

    Eldrad Ulthra His first key. Does anybody have a clue on which powers and of which magnitude he possesses?
  6. PaChi2

    Lavos vs Eldrad

    5-A Lavos vs Eldrad Ulthra SBA Speed equal Thanks Rep
  7. PaChi2

    Kharn vs Eldrad

    Khârn the Betrayer and Eldrad Ulthra SBA Thoughts?
  8. PaChi2

    Eldrad vs Akron

    Akro vs Young Eldrad Ulthra SBA 4-B for both Speed equal lolPowerNull
  9. JackJoyce

    The greatest martial arts match in history

    Eldrad Ulthra vs Jin Mo-Ri Speed equal
  10. Wokistan

    Eldrad and power null

    So Eldrad beat Abaddon, and would likely have finished him off if it was not for the intervention of the Chaos gods. Abaddon has that same blessing of khorne that kharn has, which means that ELdrad probably should have been nulled, especially since he's a psyker. However, in at least one...
  11. Sir_Ovens

    Eldrad Ulthran vs Avatar of Calamity

    Let's forget the Bolas thread ever happened Space Wizard vs Some form of magical cancer Low 5-B AoC. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Let this one not derail like the last.
  12. Sir_Ovens

    Eldrad Ulthran vs Novel Kars

    Please let this not be a stomp. Ultimate Lifeform vs Alpha-Plus Level Psyker Speed equalized. Kars has all Stands. Win via death, incapacitation, or BFR. Discuss.
  13. Sir_Ovens

    Eldrad Ulthran vs Amaterasu

    Actually had other matchups in mind... But I gotta bring back a short-lived meme. Space Elf vs Fox Goddess Speed Equalised. Win via death or incapacitation. Discuss.
  14. The_real_cal_howard

    (Read Op) Eldrad Ulthran vs Gilgamesh vs Omegamon vs Yhwach

    In a battle of precognition. Don't shoot. I'm doing this because we need interesting things. AP/Dura/Speed is equal. All abilities that can remotely be defined as hax are either negated or turned into normal attacks (i.e.: Ea is just a strong physical/ranged attack.) The only abilities...
  15. Sheoth

    Silver Surfer vs. Eldrad Ulthran

    Warhammer fans, where ya at. Instead of doing actual, meaningful work, lets see how this fight goes instead (on a side note, this is one of my favorite anime matchups, after Horus vs Sephiroth of course) VS Le Conditions: -In...
  16. Kaltias

    Eldrad vs AncientWisemon

    Eldrad: 7 (Gar, Dragon, Matt, Zachary, Fate, Zeed, Wright) AncientWisemon: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Speed is equal and both are 4-B. Who wins out of these two fighters with OP precog?
  17. FateAlbane

    Eldrad vs Xemnas

    Hopefully not stomp. Eldrad vs Xemnas , both at full power, speed equalized. Who wins and why?
  18. Sir_Ovens

    Eldrad Ulthran vs Mickey Mouse (Composite)

    An Alpha-Plus Level Psyker vs A Mouse Speed equalised if needed. Win via death or incapitation. Who wins and why?
  19. Azathoth_the_Abyssal_Idiot

    Minor Warhammer 40k Revisions

    Yes, even more of them. This was brought up after I created the page for The Apex Twins. As you can see, the low end of their tiering is based on a specific quote often cited and repeated about Alpha Plus Psyker; "An Alpha Plus grade psyker, however, is a being of almost grotesque power. They...
  20. Sir_Ovens

    Yhwach vs Eldrad Ulthran

    I was looking though the Warhammer 40K Wiki to get hyped for Dawn of War 3, then I browsed past Eldrad Ulthran. He reminded me of another Haxxed future-seeing guy. Soul King Absorbed Yhwach vs Eldrad Ulthra Speed Equalized. Battle shall take place on a deserted Earth. Eldrad can't defend...