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edward cullen

  1. Overmade

    Twilight Movies General Discussion

    I'm surprised why there are no profiles of Twilight characters from movies? Movies that have already become half-iconic + I think there are a lot of interesting vampire characters that profiles should be created. Yes, I know that there are profiles of characters from books, but why not add...
  2. Thelastmlg

    Edward Cullen speed downgrade

    before i even start my arceus thread, whenever i have the will to, i ended up checking twilight pages because i was bored and remembered it was a thing. uh, Edward's speed, not only points out to novels as a separate rating for some reason instead of it being a different key or profile, but it...
  3. Vizer04

    Batman fights a vampire (0-0-0)

    Both at 9-B and Speed Equalized. Bruce Wayne: Edward Cullen: Inconclusive:
  4. Barlow42

    Possible Upgrade to Twilight Vampires in the Books

    All vampires can crush granite boulders, so this scales to all 3 profiles (Edward, Jane and Benjamin) Bella Swan Bella's Height: 1,6256 meters Weight : 49,8952 kg Body Surface Area: 1.43 m2 Surface area of her hand is 0.83% of 1.43 m2 1.43 x 0.0083 = 0.011869 m^2 Crushing Strength of...
  5. Barlow42

    Possible Upgrade to Twilight Vampires in the Books

    Bella Swan Bella's Height: 1,6256 meters Weight : 49,8952 kg Body Surface Area: 1.43 m2 Surface area of her hand is 0.83% of 1.43 m2 1.43 x 0.0083 = 0.011869 m^2 Crushing Strength of Granite: 104 - 140 MPa Force = 104,000,000 x 0.011869 = 1,234,376 Newtons L.E (138,75 tons of force)...
  6. Necromercer

    Cullen vs Potter

    Both 9-B Speed is equal Brooms Are restricted Fight takes place in a forest No prep Starting range is 5 meters Shiny boi: 0 Boi Who may not Live: 0 Incon: 0
  7. Unoriginal_Memes

    Bad Vampire VS Good Vampire

    Well, in terms of quality at least. Edward Culle VS Kurt Barlow Bad Vampire: Good Vampire: Inconclusive:
  8. Ong.ruixiang

    Upgrade for Edward Cullen?

    Can somebody please read this to see how powerful Edward Cullen really is?
  9. Buttersamuri

    Phoenix fights a Vampire

    Edward entered into Phoenixs office. Looking to bite Maya Fey. But after getting her in a corner, Phoenix entered into the building. Seeing him about to attack Maya, he sprung into action to save her Speed is equal Both are bloodlusted SBA from there Who wins and why? Phoenix Wright: 2...
  10. Buttersamuri

    Edward tries to kill Mr. Bean

    Edward gets really mad at Mr. Bean. So he decides the best way to handle Mr. Bean is to Kill him to death. So that's what he tries to do Speed is equal Takes place in an alley way Full arsenal Both are willing to kill Who wins and why? Mr. Bea: Edward Culle: Inconclusive/Draw:
  11. Jackythejack

    Edward Cullen vs. Sunset Shimmer

    Edward decided to be an edgy boi and started to attack a bunch of high school girls. Guess he's had enough of all this nice guy stuff. Speed is equalized, fight takes place in a school hallway. Oh yah and both are 9-B because apparently I have to specify Edward Cullen: Sunset Shimmer:
  12. Grimm's_Fortitude

    Sparkly Vampire vs Robot Bug

    Both are 9-B and in character. Who wins, and why? Edward Culle Cyber Fly
  13. StarSlayer666

    Arthur Morgan meets a Fairy. (Concluded)

    Arthur Morga VS Edward Culle Speed is Equalized Location: Valentine, New Hannover Arthur: Edward: Inconclusive:
  14. DemiserofD

    Edward Cullen should be 9-A.

    In the above calculations, Bella is shown to have a strike capacity of at least 0.0257 tons. But that calculation doesn't take into account the fact that A: The arm-wrestling position is a complex position that is very inefficient at outputting force and B: Even ignoring that, it's still only...
  15. LordGriffin1000

    The Twilight Verse

    This is something I thought needed to be brought up. Our Twilight (verse) page is, how can I say THIS nicely... EMPTY!. It has no Summery, Power of the Verse, Supporters (So if people have questions they know who to ask), and only three characters Edward Culle, Benjamin (Twilight), and Jane...
  16. Kople700

    Edward Elric V.S Edward Cullen

    Elcric's alchemy is restricted to just transmuting his automail arm 9B Versions Speed Equalized Who Wins And Why?
  17. Gear2ndGandalf

    Shalltear Bloodfallen vs Edward Cullen

    Shalltear has abducted Bella Swan. Edward drank human blood to power up. (speed equalized). Tougher than she looks. Skin of a killer. Round 1: Fight takes place in Nazarick. Magic allowed. Round 2: Fight takes place in real world Forks. No magic allowed. Edward shows his skin.
  18. Dat_Dot

    Captain America vs Edward Cullen | Vampire meet Super Soldier

    Why not? Captain America vs Edward Culle Speed Equalized Cap's shield is restricted
  19. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Mr Satan VS Edward Cullen

    Mr. Satan has no gadgets. Both are bloodlusted. Mister Sata: Edward Culle: 1 (Assaltwaffle) Inconclusive:
  20. Creaturemaster971

    Sasuke vs Edward Cullen

    An edgy adult vs an edgy child Beginning of series Sasuke vs Edward (9-B forms) Sasuke's Katon is restricted Standard battle conditions apply otherwise Sasuke: 6 Eddy: 1
  21. MasterOfArda

    Dracula vs Edward

    Who wins, and why? Edward: 0 Dracula: 1 (Loyalservantofinti)
  22. AidenBrooks999

    Edward's Speed

    Ok, I'm not going to call myself an expert of this verse But, in the blog with Twilight's calc, the 90% of the results are Subsonic. And only two feats exceeds this: The first feat that use an time with Unknown source, and one of the last ones with an random assumptions and Hypersonic results...
  23. Fv5v7

    scp 076-02 vs edward cullen

    who would win great swordman or sparkly vamp both in character ramdom cncouter
  24. Fv5v7

    composite human vs edward cullen

    both in character battle in siberian wild composite human has 10 minite for prep speed Equlity who will win
  25. Aparajita

    Anita Blake vs Edward Cullen

    Anita Blake is called out to Execute a local Vampire, Edward Cullen. Victory by Death. Anita is on the case Solo, so cannot draw upon the Triv.