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  1. Dragonmasterxyz

    Deku finds himself a Digimon Partner

    So, Mirei has contacted U.A and stated that Deku and the U.A students need Digimon allies. But first Deku must prove himself to his partner. MHA vs Digimon One For All vs X-Antibody -Speed Equal -SBA -Win via incap. FIGHT!!! Izuku Midoriya: 0 Dorumo: 0 Inconclusive: 0 I will prove...
  2. Dragonmasterxyz

    X-Antibody Digimon Update

    So there are some details regarding the X-Antibody that has not really been on many profiles. So basically all Digimon should have a Resistance to Existence Erasure due to the fact that those with the X-Antibody can resist multiple levels of Program X/Particle Worm which is a mass erasure...
  3. Bobsican

    Dorimon Vs. Doraemon

    The names are so fitting, and both have metal stuff, so I don´t think this should be wasted. Both at base, speed equalized. The purple ball The blue robocat Rawwwr! Hello!
  4. MugenRyu

    DoruGreymon Vs SSJ4 Goku

    DoruGreymo Vs Son Goku. - SBA - Speed Is Equalized
  5. Dragonmasterxyz

    Time Breaker Bardock vs Dorugoramon

    Let's give Bardock a challenge. Dragon Ball vs Digimon The Saiyan Hero vs The Final Enemy -Speed Equal -Both are 2-C -SBA -Fight takes place at East City FIGHT!!!! Time Breaker Bardock: 0 Dorugoramo: 0 Inconclusive: 7 (Kep, Mugen, Blue, Koopi, Kukui, Glass and Gar)
  6. Dragonmasterxyz

    Small Saga-X Digimon Revision as well as X-Antibody Champions and Ultimates

    Now I know Mugen and Mach is gonna yell at me for doing this before revising BoltBoutamon's file. But I'll get to that in a sec. ovo This is gonna be a quicky. So one thing we did not address in that Yggdrassil and Saga-X Revsions. Shouldn't all Saga-X Digimon gain a nice resistance to...
  7. Dragonmasterxyz

    Dorugoramon vs Beerus

    Digimon vs Dragon Ball. I am now starting a Multi-Fiction Tournament. This is an exhibition match. Rules are those who die are revived but are declared the loser. Fight as you mean to kill. -Bloodlusted -Dorugoramon is 3-A -Speed Equalized for Beerus' sake. FIGHT!!! Dorugoramo : 2 Beerus...
  8. Dragonmasterxyz

    Son Goku vs Grademon

    This is gonna be awesome. This is a battle of brute strength and skill. Wants to become Alphamon, but needs to get a little more experience. He sees the Saiyans as worthy opponent. Goku seems like a fun opponent as well and thus is Grademon's first target. This is after Vegeta left Earth...
  9. Dragonmasterxyz

    DORUmon Family Tiers and Abilities

    This is moreso a help thread. I need help ranking the tiers for the DORUmon family. If you know any specifics feats then that is what this thread is for.
  10. Dragonmasterxyz

    Saitama vs Dorugoramon

    Who wins this fight. Everyone's favorite bald hero or my profile image :) Saitama is bloodlusted only. Dorugoramon cannot change into DexDorugoramon nor slide into his Alphamon counterpart