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  1. LordTracer

    One-Punch Man: Do-S (and others) Upgrade

    Really, this is more like, half-upgrade and half-improving page quality. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:LordTracer/Fubuki_and_Do-S Summary of the changes: Do-S gets upgraded to At most 7-B and Massively Hypersonic+ Base Fubuki scales to Do-S Post-Training Sonic scales above Fubuki...
  2. Recon1511

    Iaian CRT and changes to those who scale to him

    I don't know why wasn't this applied already, it was supposedly approved in a previous CRT but whatever. Current Iaian key speed should be at most Massively Hypersonic+ for being able to keep up with Black Sperm along Atomic Samurai, being able to react and deflect ENW water jets and Homeless...
  3. Kisaragi_Megumi

    St. Louis vs Do-S

    I'm back with another Azur Lane matches! Nothing much change here, still trying to give some of the shipirls a notable records and something like that, and since my Iron Man vs St. Louis is kinda abandoned for a moment, i would give her an another new match On other side i'll give Do-S an prior...
  4. Emirp sumitpo

    Garou resistance to mind hax

    A simple CRT, in the redraw for Chapter 110, Do-S stated that she was unable to use her Mind Control techniques on Garou. And also take note that Garou was unconscious during the entire session. As he thought he had been fighting Orochi and was confused to wake up to fighting Darkshine later on...
  5. Whiz_Almighty

    Do-S Upgrade CRT!

    I proposed to add high-mid regen to her profile after regenerating her decapicated head by unconsciously absorbing monster's blood in recent redraw. Here is the link of redraw. https://**********/read/imgur/3YktBQL/1/1/
  6. Tetsucabrah

    Do-S and her slaves versus the current My Hero verse.

    Current verse means All Might and AFO are out of comission. She only has access to the blizzard group members she enslaved on her first appearance. I think this is an interesting match up due to the nature of her powers and how she can build up her army to have a sort of snowball effect. Bonus...
  7. ZoroNotZolo

    Yuzuriha VS Do-S

    Speed equalized. Fight takes place in City D in One Punch Man Yuzuriha - 0 Do-S - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  8. ZoroNotZolo

    All Might VS Do-S

    All Might with Remnants of One for All VS Do-S. Speed unequalized. Victory by KO or death. Fight takes place outside of UA. All Might - 0 Do-S - 0 Inconclusive - 0