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darkness manipulation

  1. Bobsican

    Animated Shadow Potential Page Removal (Staff-only)

    (I know I'm not staff, but Ant asked me to post it here) Continuing from the Profile Deletions Requests Thread, Animated Shadow was brought up as a page for deletion, however, the topic over it extended enought to be worthy of its own thread, and so here we are. Anyways, as we can see on the...
  2. Walker21232123

    night vision Is dark manipulation or light manipulation

  3. Edwellken

    RWFC9: The Champions

    Previous thread The group returns to the world of the tournament. Having discovered your origins, and the new powers that came along with it, the multiverse is now like an open book to be traversed. Does the secret to triumphing over the Supreme Darkness lie somewhere out there? Torchlight...
  4. AppleLord

    Darkness is faster than light

    In some cases darkness is the same speed or faster than light, so why aren't darkness manipulation users FTL or LS?
  5. Creaturemaster971

    Anyone interested in calc'ing Drawn to Life?

    Found a blast from the past and uncovered my old DSi with Drawn to Life in it, and am gonna be doing an incredibly nostalgic playthrough of it. So I figured, why not? I'll make some profiles. It's a franchise that's very near and dear to my heart, so it'll be a good personal project, unlike all...
  6. DMB_1

    Darkness, Shadows, and Incorporeality.

    Since we added Nonexistent Physiology and Non-Physical Interaction as abilities, thus making differences between multiple levels of Non-Corporeality, such as being Intangible, being a ghost/disembodied spirit, being a void etcetera, I started questioning myself what type level of Incorporeality...
  7. Dargoo_Faust

    What power is Corruption?

    So, I've been playing in the Sandbox a bit, and I keep on tripping on myself whever I come across a character that can "corrupt" things, change them into a darker form of themselves, as I can't pinpoint an exact power for it. Characters like Mr. Negative, from Spiderman, for example do stuff...
  8. Mr. Bambu

    Covering the Planet in Darkness

    It's a pretty commonly accepted thing that this feat would be Moon level. Is this based on a calc? If so, where is the calc? Just curious.
  9. Theblack6host96

    Takanuva Tools and Abilities update/potentially creating a Key as well?

    I was looking at the Bionicle pages (More pages should be updated and created, some of the characters listed have hax such as time manipulation, but they dont have pages on this wiki), and I noticed that Takanuva's page could use a bit more clarity. I have a proposed Key update, and just added...