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ares (dc extended universe)

  1. Marvel_Champion_07

    Minor Wonder Woman CRT

    Currently, Wonder Woman's profile says this: She has a "likely far higher" scaling to Ares, when the Ares that she scales to is far weaker than he used to be and is actually scaling to her… So as far as I know, neither of them have reason to have a "likely far higher"
  2. sageof8paths

    Snyderverse Revision(tier 7 or 6?)

    Intro: What’s good people. This thread will be going over the reasons on why the high tiers of the Snyderverse( so no theatrical feats matter here)should at least be in tier 6. The characters were removed from tier 6 cuz of new creation rules so Zeus’s island creation feat didn't count...
  3. Elizio33

    Ares vs Teridax

    Both 6-C Bloodlusted Who win? Ares: Teridax:
  4. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tour R1 M5) Doomsday vs Ares (6-0-0)

    Doomsday (DC Extended Universe) vs Ares (DC Extended Universe) Tournament Thread Both from the same universe! Speed Equalized Starts 100m away
  5. Planck69

    ???% vs Ares (DCEU) (9-0-0) GRACE ENDED

    Since my match with Tohru went....well, I thought I'd give this a shot. Full SBA. Speed is equalized. Both are High 6-C. Shigeo: 9 (Oblivion Of The Endless, SpookyShadow, Ionliosite, Epicheev, Phoenks, Migue79, Buttersamuri, GoCommitDi, I'm Blue daba dee daba die) Ares: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. Sonicflare9

    Stitch vs Ares

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Stitch https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ares_(DC_Extended_Universe) speed equalized standard equipment whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo would win 6-B versions
  7. SuperKamiNappa

    Black Manta vs. Ares (DCEU)

    Black Manta Ares Inconclusive
  8. SuperKamiNappa

    Estarossa vs. Ares

    Base Estarossa 6-C Ares They both have basic knowledge of each other's abilities. Who wins and why?
  9. SuperKamiNappa

    Saber vs. Ares

    UBW Saber, no Excalibur 7-A Ares Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  10. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    DCEU Ares scaling problems

    Matthew refuses to add a separate key for Ares, which creates a scaling problem, since awakened WW stomped Ares, Ares = Zeus, who is superior to Steppenwolf, but then Wolf overpowered WW We have to discuss how to solve this.
  11. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    The WW revision

    The last thread was closed before I could react. I am sure that Matthew Schroeder misunderstood. No one is trying to force the Zeus outlier. I just want two keys for Ares and WW. I completely disagree with High 6-A. I am just pointing out Pre-Awakening WW and Ares were comparable, but Ares got...
  12. Ssr4vegito

    DCEU Zeus and Ares revision

    Prime Zeus and Ares should be High 6-A • Zeus splits the motherbox alone • Ares one shots Steppenwolf • Ares kills all the other Gods himself •People argue that Ares is only comparable to Zeus when he created Themiscyra but in the movie it is said that Zeus the the last of his power to...
  13. Pepper14832

    DCEU Old Gods & Superman Tiering

    Yep. I'm bringing this up again. This will be the final time I do so. All Old Gods should be the same tier as Superman. We give Superman High 6-A for being able to pull apart The Motherbox and being resurrected by it. The Mother Box itself is listed as having High 6-A Durability. So there's no...

    Men of War - Ares (DCEU) vs Kaioh

    Because the other FotNS characters don't get enough love The Demon Kaioh vs The God of War SPEED EQUALIZED Both are 6B Location: Land of Asura Both start 10 feet away from each other Victory via DEATH or KO WHO WINS AND WHY? War Boi: Angry Boy: Inconclusive: 2 (Gargoyle One, Hizack123)
  15. Hellbeast1

    The God of War VS The Witch King

    Both at 6-B Standard Battle Assumptions Equal Speed Both Bloodlusted Ares : 0 Witch King: 5
  16. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Ares VS Hela (Movies)

    Both 6-C. Speed equalized. Ares : 7 Hela : 11 Inconclusive : 1
  17. DmarcvelCOO


    Ares vs Zod,who would win? 'Ares, 'The Greek God of War OR Zod,The Kryptonian General Fight location; Metropolis RULES 1.Takes place during the afternoon 2. No kryptonite
  18. Meosos

    DCEU: Ares vs Doomsday

    Who would win ? The develish monster or the god of war ? Standart battle assumptions, both are bloodlusted Ares: 2 Doomsday: 3 Inconclusive:0