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amber (rwby)

  1. SuperStar

    Katsuki Bakugo (Dynamight) Vs Amber (RWBY)

    Katsuki Bakugo (Dynamight) Vs. Amber (RWBY) Fight Location: U.A Stadium Starting Distance: 10 Meters Endeavor Agency Arc Bakugo will be used Speed Equal Both in character Bakugo: @Acer__ @speedster352 @XSOULOFCINDERX @rawXDglomp @Nierre @Insert_creative_name_here_12 @Baken384...
  2. Theglassman12

    RWBY revisions

    Alright, I've been meaning to tackle this for some time, especially with Volume 8 bringing up some red flags for the scaling. So let's get this started, most of this is gonna tackle the volume 7-8 stuff but I will go over a couple other things in general for RWBY as I find some of the scaling...
  3. Keeweed

    Duke Fishron vs Amber (RWBY)

    I wanted Duke to fight Cinderfall, but I feel like she may stomp him so I'll test the waters with Amber. Speed is equalized, Amber is high 7-C, and both start within talking distance. Man Bear Pig: Cute Plot Device: Inconclusive:
  4. TheRustyOne

    Amber (RWBY) vs Genos (OPM)

    Don't know why, but this seems like it'll be a good fight. Both are High 7-C. Speed is Equalized. Who wins? Amber: (0) Genos: (0)
  5. Keeweed

    Eternal Champion vs Amber

    Speed Equalized (eternal champion was just made and maybe far faster or slower by the end of the revision) Fight starts within yelling distence (I was never a fan of characters fighting from miles away) and victory to death or incap. 8-B versions for obvious reasons. The first Elder Scrolls...
  6. Schnee_One

    Minor RWBY tier adjustment

    As stated on the RWBY discussion thread. I think that with all the recent downgrades it actually makes much more sense for Cinder Fall and Amber to be 8B for the following reasons. 1. Amber loses the Cinder and her group, previously considered PIS because of the tiers they once were, but now is...
  7. Schnee_One

    Amber vs Shepard

    I join the RWBY spam yet again, let's do her another match with yet another underused RWBY character. Speed is Equalized, High 7C for both, Amber is 466 Kilotons while Shepard is 406. Amber: Commander Shepard:
  8. Schnee_One

    Hazel vs Amber

    So like.... I was honestly rather curious about this, not only has Hazel shown to be the strongest 233 ton character in the show in one episode, but he was superior to someone (Tyrian) Who was said to hunt the spring Maiden, so I honestly am a bit curious here as to what happens, so let's see...
  9. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Genos vs Amber

    Amber Amber was the previous host of the power of the Fall Maiden. As a young girl, Amber received the powers of the Fall Maiden, and as the new host, Amber was granted tremendous power and became the next in a line which has persisted for thousands of years. Powers and Stats Tier: 7-B...
  10. BruceTheBatman

    Raven Branwen vs Amber

    Who wins?
  11. Homu_Sweet_Homu

    These people needs more love: Amber vs Mard Geer Tartaros

    Seriously, I'm losing my touch in making match. Hope this isn't a stomp. The Fall Maide vs The Absolute Demon Both at their peak and speed is equalized. Amber: 2 (Weekly, Glassman) Mard Geer Tartaros: 7 (Dat Dot, LordAizenSama, KuuIchigo, Zensum, Knight, Blanked, Yomi) Inconclsive:
  12. CinCameron20

    Cinder Fall's Base Tier

    I personally believe that Cinder's placement in base being "At least 8-A" merely because she is "far stronger than Mercury and Emerald" is a bit unreasonable. I believe that in base, she should be upgraded to "Likely 7-B" for the following reasons: 1) She should be comparable to her colleagues...