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Yujiro Hanma Vs. Hiiro Okamura

Alright, Yujiro's natural eyesight has info analysis to a cellular level, so if the AP gap is large in Yujiro's favor, Hiiro is probably going to win, as Yujiro would likely not perceive him as a threat and try to only use brute strength. If the gap in strength between them is small or large in Hiiro's favor, Yujiro may lead with special skills or amps
So they sound fairly close. Yujiro in base can casually two-shot a 15 KT, and judging by "way above", I'd be willing to say the gap between the 2 is at least smaller than the gap between Yujiro and Baki. So, potentially Yujiro may start with Demon Back to widen the gap. It's an at least 4x amp across the board: reaction and combat speed and strength and durability. By this point, Pry and speed amps are likely to have happened, so what does he lead with as far as sword attacks?
"so what does he lead with as far as sword attacks?"

Uh..a slash I guess. I also should note that his familiar Tenn is fighting alongside him.
Would Pry tell him about Yujiro's amp? If so, would he still go for the slash despite the AP gap?

What does Tenn do?
Good question. He usually goes for physical attacks because it's the most effecient as he is physically superior to most in his series.

But here, he would learn literally all of Yujiro's abilities, titles, and his stats. So he might not actually challenge Yujiro physically if he learns this stuff (He's not opposed to shameless tactics like knocking someone out with "sleep" and killing them while they're unconscious; he did such a thing against a very powerful monster he fought in the past)
So I suppose it's a matter of combat intelligence (or at least that's how I go about the same problem with Yujiro). Tactically, if he's a good fighter with no bad habits or vices, he could go with the optimum move
As far as Tenn goes, he's just a really fast and skilled monkey who can paralyze people using his voice.
YungManzi said:
As far as Tenn goes, he's just a really fast and skilled monkey who can paralyze people using his voice.
Am I to understand that speed isn't equalized on him? If not, how fast? Depending on how the paralysis works, that could give Yujiro trouble
So speed is going to hurt for Yujiro, as they are faster. I think Yujiro only has one hit that can tag them without him using his Analytical Prediction, and it's Mach 78 if that helps with the speed scaling here