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Yu Yu Hakusho: Sensui earthquake statement vs visual

So I was wondering how the earthquake feat is being considered to be a "violent" earthquake that effected the whole planet when it was shown to be considerably weaker from its origin point(sensui inside the cave)

He caused the earthquake inside the cave and was shown to be incredibly violent yet the town nearby was being considered to be a minor earthquake:

The earthquake being felt in the surrounding area of the cave: https://i.imgur.com/rqUnSZG.jpg

The earthquake being felt in the nearby town: https://i.imgur.com/bWZwDjy.jpg

I'm not really sure how it's being considered to be felt across the planet as a violent earthquake if it degrades in magnitude that much in that short of a distance
We've already had a big discussion about this here but might as well repeat the exact same thing.

Not only Kepekley already got the quote from a fluent Japanese translator, but Sensui 100% says "Daichi" and "Ningenkai" when referring to Earth and the Human Realm being affected by half of his power.

õ║║Úûôþòî = Ningenkai/Human Realm

ÕñºÕ£░ = Daichi/Land, Earth

You can see both in the raw scan here. And as I pointed out above, the Japanese Raw version of this scene in the anime also has Sensui mentioning both of these when he talks about what will be affected by his power which is faithful to the scan.

In short, the literal translation 100% states Sensui cannot even remotely unleash half his power without causing the entire human world to collapse. Using the radiated waves and lowballing it as Magnitude 6 from a distance still makes this a 1 Petato feat going by the Earthquake power chart. Thus, 100% of his power would still be 2 Petatons of TNT.

Also, the amount of power he actually used in those scans in the OP is like a lot less than 1% and not even close to his full power.
That is completely banking on the idea that him standing still in the cave and causing the cave walls to break like that is what places him there at that level though. Especially when that damage translates to only the cave walls and the nearby town not being even close to being effected like that which would also needed to be taken into consideration if it was a real earthquake as earthquakes generate power at a certain depth(if the origin point happened literally above ground then the question of where it went depth wise to trigger anything or if it even caused crust to slip below ground to generate an earthquake since he's exerting the power above ground. Depth is a large part here as earthquakes effects on the surface vary because of depth).

Also when he shot that attack to the surface is when it was called a minor earthquake and the nearby town wasn't even shaking, just being felt

This entire calc is theoretical in the end. Is there any other feats to even say that this theoretical one isn't an outlier? There's many questions here that are not even considered in that thread and people just went with it because of a translation

Here's something I found to take into consideration(it uses the idea of it being similar to explosions above ground due to it taking place at such a shallow depth that earthquakes do not); https://www.google.com/amp/s/cables...9/05/02/yu-yu-hakusho-sensui-vs-mafuukan/amp/
It's not an outlier; wrong choice of the word. It's very consistent in mentioning that S Class demons are considered "A threat to the entire world". While that means nothing on a Tier stand point, it shows that any Tier 6 feats are completely uncontroversial. Yusuke who is technically a bit weaker than Sensui post Resurrection due to not knowing how to use his true power; was still stated he could nuke all of Japan in a single blast. That's an extremely casual 6-B statement.

I'm aware that that's visually appearing to be a regular Magnitude 4 Earthquake, but Sensui himself states he's barely even using any of his power. It's very consistent that even the weakest S Class demon can solo all of Spirit World and Earth. I wouldn't use effortlessly stomping a Tier 7 character as an excuse to dismiss the blantant Tier 6 lore. Yusuke also basically repeats Sensui when he mentions "Flattening the Earth". I'll quite what FateAlbine said in the link.

Sensui: "Oh, dear... Here I am, supressing my power, and it's still affecting the Earth (some translations say ground here, but the word used is "Daichi", meaning Earth or Land) like this. 'This is my only shortcoming. Heh. Within the Human Realm (Ningenkai), my power is just too great. I can't even let loose half of it. It's quite stressful.'"

Yusuke: "That's got nothing to do with it, does it? You want to flatten the Human Realm (Ningenkai), don't you? So why don't you go ahead and level it? If you say you're feeling the stress then let loose with your full power!"

Sensui: "You miserable fool! Now that's what I call arrogance! ...Oh, pardon me. I like the flowers, and trees, and insects, and animals. It's only the humans that I hate."

There's literally nothing that contradicts Sensui's capability of performing Magnitude 6 from a distance using less than half his power.
Where was it stated he would nuke japan with a single attack? The scan in the other thread only mentions how genkai couldn't stop Yusuke if he chose to destroy the world(which isn't explaining how or how long that would take)

If it even registers as that: https://www.google.com/amp/s/cables...9/05/02/yu-yu-hakusho-sensui-vs-mafuukan/amp/

This thread uses the idea of induced seismicity. Which is what was used with underground nukes. Kiloton range nukes cause similar showings of what sensui did in the scans. This would show a much different level of power than an actual earthquake(especially since what sensui was doing happened at a depth that earthquakes do not making it much more believable than a real earthquake). Induced seismicity is by definition something that puts stress on the earths crust. So I do believe his statement is used in this kind of context as he is actually putting stress on the planet just not in the way being used for the calc

This is where it comes down to statements vs actual showcases of feats presented.
It's mentioned in this blog and the statement came shortly after Yusuke returned to Earth and was mentioned by the SDF. And Genkai did mention that entire countries would be wiped our with every punch he throws in the more correct Japanese translations.

And no, the debate is not "Statements Vs on screen feats showings" it's a logical statement from a very knowledgeable character. Base on what he would do using simply half his power, Vs something he's doing when he's not even using a billionth of his power. The analogy in the OP is the same thing as someone saying they can kill a whale with a punch, and then stepped on an ant and arguing that the character only has the strength of an ant because that's what we saw.

Also, we really don't need to use long quotes.
But where's the actual scan for that? I'm not trying to send anyone on a scavenger hunt but using statements from blog posts without the actual scan has been wrong in the past.

Where was it stated he was only using 1% of his power? Iirc in the other thread from the fluent translator, the only scale of power brought up was the "half". Nothing ever stating what he showed in the cave was less than 1% of his power. The largest reason for this being statements vs feats is that nothing even after this in the manga shows anywhere near the level of power being calced. IIRC the highest calced number for the series before this was in the high Island level range. So the analogy doesn't exactly fit here when we never seen anywhere near the 50% or higher from himself or other characters.
There are scans in the blog, but we all know how NarutoForums is nowadays where only people with accounts can view them. But there's this image and this one linked in the blog.

The first one mentions it being powered by the Earth's energy; Geothermal energy of earth is. 4 * 10^12 Watts or J/s. And it's been powered up every 1000 years which it concentrates into a single blast. 4 * 10^12 * 1000 * 365.25 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 1.26227704 × 10^23 Joules or 30.1691453155 Teratons. And this is something even the weakest S Class demons are Superior to. Especially with Genaki stating Yusuke could wipe out the entire planet with no one able to stop him while also mentioning he can "Break Countries". So anything less than 6-B is a hard no.

As for the "Island level calculations"; again. Those came from an outdated calculation method. Originally, shaking the entire planet was calculated at 6-C, but that was heavily low-balled. It's now Low 6-B for light planet shakes and and 6-A to High 6-A for violent earth shaking feats. Which is exactly what Sensui is capable of with 50% of his power. It's not stated he was using less than one, but Gatekeeper said Yusuke's power at the time was 0 compared to Sensui's. So it's just a casual low end feat, no different than Doomsday destroying a city. Sensui's feat is also very similar to this one.

Still, the fact remains is that all the Tier 6 feats are extremely casual, and everyone stronger than Sensui is far above his feat. So in other words, 6-A Sensui is legit and High 6-A for those well above him are even more legit. Raizen even in a dying state was also able to shake the Demon World; which is massively above the Earth's size. Another indication of consistency with this one.
There's still only referencing the obliterating the planet with nothing on saying how or how long. And the breaking countries doesn't exactly reassure that either.

In other translations it says it uses the earths chi. And It says it's used once every 1000 years and says nothing about being charged for a thousand years. And the calculated yield doesn't exactly line up with the destruction that it's stated to cause(destroys everything in a 50km radius)

No the calculations for Island level I'm talking about came from Yusuke busting the Plateau and the other of Yusuke and sensui clashing and breaking another. Which becomes questionable to its legitimacy. So it's pure assumption to how much power he's using in the cave?

While country level sounds believable the continent one doesn't. Raizen is a god tier and iirc his shaking feat was anime only was it not?
Based on what others have been saying on previous threads, including what Kepekley and Griffon have said, Raizen's casual it appears to be in the manga. And it was done by a weakened Raizen, which would scale to the other Three Kings and Enki. Destroying mountains and plateaus where also extremely casual.

Once again, it doesn't come from the Cave, it comes from Sensui legit being powerful enough to 'Flatten the Earth" with his aura. It's the very reason he wanted to take the fight over to Demon World was because he really didn't want to destroy the planet. A Island level or Country level shock-wave isn't going to collapse the surface of the Earth like what every single scan with 100% accurate translations are saying and have been saying. A High 6-A one would however.

I can't use 50% of my power without collapsing the entire human world is a pretty grounded statement. The surface of Earth is clearly what Human World means.
From what I remember it was an anime only instance. Making them casual still doesn't add up to the extreme diffence in power in what's stated to what's shown.

Except it comes down to if it was actually going to do that. The showcase of power vs the statement shows a vast difference here.
Actually, context is everything. If the low end feats are extremely casual, than there's nothing contradicting high end feats that they're legit capable of. Plenty of times to two 4-B characters clash and don't even destroy the building they're in. Also, looking by what Soldier Blue says on this thread Sensui is indeed capable of shaking the planet. And still, Kepekley mentioned him shaking demon world in the canon manga.
Yet those characters actually showcased 4-B feats at some point in time or clashed with characters that have showed feats making this line of argument for sensui not applicable as he nor anyone else showcased a 6-A feat and the 6-A itself is from a theoretical calc.

Soldier blue said it was an anime feat at the very end of the thread. It never happened in the manga.
The "Anime feat" he was talking about was Koenma stating that King Enki could destroy an entire Continent; that was the feat he was talking about and also not being used here. Not Sensui's Earth shaking feat or Raizen shaking demon world; plus those where Island level feats back then so he never would have brought them up as examples. But those are 6-A feats now and indeed in the canon manga.
I still see nowhere of Raizen a feat being in the manga.

If that can be found then I'd probably be more convinced here. If not then I still see the sensui calc as nothing more than a theoretical idea with no feats to bring it being a real feat itself.
I am skeptical about the "feat" since we never see Sensui going all out in the Human World, though all the evidence supports Sensui being considerably above 6-B even while extremely held back.

Raizen's Demon World shaking feat is definitely worth looking at since the Demon World is way way bigger than Earth.