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VS Battles
Calculation Group
Hope this works. MCU Bucky vs Victoria Dallon. Speed equalized, standard battle assumptions. Vibranium arm Bucky, Ward Victoria.

Winter Soldier:

Victoria Dallon:


I think one big factor is how Bucky would react to her fear aura

Usually it either stuns whoever's under it's effect, making them stop right in their tracks, or if it's someone like Lung or Rachel Lindt, who reacts to fear by trying to get rid of what's causing it, they kinda just go Berserk

Either could be advantageous to her
There's also the time where it made that guy horny

I also think it would be important to see how quickly he can catch on to her shield being a thing, because she can actively control it later on which means she can throw out invisible High 8-C punches from like 10 feet away, or use it to throw coins hard enough to shred things.
are you gonna argue or
I'm really not sure what you say so I just bumped this to see if anyone would say anything.

Welp Bucky is a experienced combatant trained for decades, so I guess he can understand her shield being a thing rather quickly.

Idk about the fear aura thingy though.
Idk if being an experienced combatant for several decades would let him know that she actually has 10 extra feet of range and that her durability works in that she takes 1 hit at a time though. She's ostensibly invincible due to that and deliberately cultivates that image. She's also hardly inexperienced herself.
It wouldn't take much to figure out the forcefield. They just have to shoot them once and they'd probably figure how it works.
It's invisible though, unless he hits it with a thing that should have clearly missed or whatever I don't think he'd instantly notice it.
It doesn't really produce any visible feedback when it's broken. It's not like it's impossible to figure out but I don't see why he would figure it out particularly quickly when it's a rather specific answer without many clues.
But you're the one who is yet to reply