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We have a newcomer: Pulseman vs Magikarp (Concluded)

Well, I can't think of any good scenery.

Maybe Central Park, 4 minutes before it rains?
I mean possibly? I'd honestly just say next to a lake or pool or something. Magikarp is in the water and Puleman isn't forced to get into it. I find that to be the most simple.

Well, scenario aside, what does Pulseman start out with?
Well, if he can't fight at close range then most likely Slash Arrow. He needs to be careful with Magikarp's water moves or he will be forced to get into the water or wait until he gets dry.
I'd say Pulseman considering he can probably just spam the Slash Arrows from a certain range. Magikarp is kind of not very effective after a certain range.
So uh, I'm sure Pulseman wins this...

But Magikarp has hydro pump which actually outranges Pulseman. These votes aren't sufficient enough to be counted
Well lemme try to make something sufficient then.

Yes, Magikarp In certain areas magikarp does outrange the man, however, with the one of Puleman's moves Lightning Dash, he becomes intangible from all enemies which I'm assuming would also mean all of the attacks. If he sees a hydropump heading his way, which he would considering the fact that the attack speed should be equalized as well as their normal movement speed, not only could he simply lightning dash out of the way entirely, but he could also dash trough the hydro pump in the first place, not becoming wet and therefor not becoming useless. Meanwhile hydro pump can only be used five times, or a max of eight if it's used up those PP boosting items. Assuming this Magikarp is wild that's not going to happen, so he can only use it around five times, and constant charging of a hydro pump in the first place would tire out a magikarp eventually.

Pulseman could even fly with his volteccer as far as I'm concerned, giving him more mobility, even if it is a bit uncontrollable, and he's still intangible to attacks while in this given state, meaning that hydropump wouldn't do much. Even if Hydro Pump isn't limited to five uses the magikarp is going to tire itself out from a massive attack which is surely going to tire it out, and not only does Pulseman simply have to dodge, but he also has higher stamina than the magikarp. All he has to do is continuously dodge with his Lightning Dash to injure and further fire out the opposing magikarp, who tires itself out by trying to dodge attacks and hit hydropumps since that's the only thing it can do without leaving the water. It may outrnage pulseman, but he can probably counter it.

There we go. Is that good?
Hydro pump being limited to 5 uses is game mechanics, but I agree that Pulseman has the stamina, skill and abilities to wear out Magikarp.

Pulseman should take this
Just a bit annoyed that Gyarados' profile is gonna be a long list of losses because of Magikarp being Magikarp lol
Acording to Wikidex (The Pokémon spanish wiki) Magikarp learns Hydro Pump by event.

By the way, waters completly counters Lightning Dash (As you can't use to phase through cascades) and Volteccer (Which simply stops after touching it). Still, LD should allow him to dodge.
Still he outmaneuvers it either way.

I'be never seen a Pokémon move while using hydro pump either. I'd dare say it's too much force to try and reasonably move it
Magikarp's range will also work against it somewhat, since that and its low accuracy means it wont be hitting a combat-smart opponent like Pulseman, not to mention that Pulseman has the AP + Dura advantages
Well, Magikarp is around 98,000 joules since Cal agreed to use 1 kilometer for the mountain leaping feat.

But Pulseman is also around 120,000 joules so i'd say Pulse via better AP (especially if he hits Magikarp with an electric attack)
Pulseman FRA, he's got a lot on Magikarp.