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Villainous CRT

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Resistance to fear inducement, madness manipulation, and empathic manipulation. Being around BH causes people to become devoted slaves, which did not have an effect on Demencia

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Er, you should separate the CRTs out, instead of doing it all at once. It takes one controverstal point to derail the entire thread and potentially get it shut down, getting nothing applied.

You should save part 3 and part 4 for later.
As someone that speaks Spanish...
- The Demencia stuff seems fine

- Corruption for Black Hat is a no, it's clearly figurative as just as a reference to him, the subtitles aren't that accurate of a translation, BTW.

- I may have missed something, but I don't see anything for Animal Manip, Insect Manip seems fine, however

- Illusion Creation and Reality Warping are fine

- Explosion Manip looks fine

- Electricity Manip looks fine

- Body Control looks fine

- 4th wall breaking is as blatant as Barney the Dinosaur's

- Acid resistance seems fine
yo thanks dude.
ah had no idea the translation was off that is 100% my b
Animal manip is a blink and you miss it but here is what I am referring to. With the snake in his mouth.


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The stuff Bobsican accepted look fine; though Illusion Creation visually looks more like shape shifting and size manipulation. But if the translations say otherwise, it's fine.
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