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Vaan (FF) vs H'el (DC Comics)

Oh my god! A thread with Vaan that isn't a stomp!

Anyways, it depends on who gets their hax off first.

If Vaan gets Stop off, H'el will quickly get destroyed.

If H'el pulls out the atomic-level telekinesis from the start, he takes this.
SUPER NECRO, Vaan takes this via, Petrification, death manip, and more versatility and since it's bloodlusted H'el will try to close in and go physical (like he always tho when bloodlusted) Vaan will go straight for death manip and he has status inducement to help him debuff h'el.

But h'el can OHK so it's either a mutual kill or vaan dodges and inflicts death
Why bump a 3 and a half year old thread, Also, I keep getting my hopes up every-time I see Reppuzan on Recent activities
Was just getting curious lol and I'm watching an ffxii let's play... Plus I have nothing better to do don't judge me.

And yeah I feel the same lol