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UI Goku vs Kefla (again).

This time it is Omen 1 Goku vs SSJ2 Kefla.

Ultra instinct omen no aura goku
Kefla FighterZ


-Tournament of Power style battle.

-Kefla starts at her initial SSJ2 level (when she just transformed).

Who wins? Does Kefla manage to defeat Goku this time or she gets the same treatment?
I'm not sure if goku will be able to do any meaningful damage before the timer runs out and his Kamehameha will not be nearly as strong as omen 2's. Kefla will likely finish him the same way she tried to before.
Kefla wins

Omen Phase 2 > Phase 1 Omen

And Kefla SSj2 was said to surpass it, and felt Omen Phase 2 was wimpy

Even if Goku can dodge, he ain't capable of beating Kefla
I only see her hitting him if she goes to her peak again. Because at her peak, she was able to graze UIO2 twice. Then again even before that, she was able to block one of UIO2's punches.

Either way, I see Kefla winning.